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Overwatch League Recap: London Spitfire vs Chengdu Hunters

London Spitfire vs Chengdu Hunters

London Spitfire (5-1) vs Chengdu Hunters (3-2)

Spitfire 1-3 Hunters

The London Spitfire came fresh off of a 4-0 victory versus the Paris Eternal before facing the Chengdu Hunters. This was both teams’ second game of the Dallas Homestand. The main matchup that was highlighted before the game was between Joon-yeong “Profit” Park and Yi “JinMu” Hu. Both players are known for some stellar Pharah play. The Spitfire had the chance to clinch a Stage Playoff spot if they could secure a win against the Hunters.

Oasis: Hunters 2-1 Spitfire

London Spitfire vs Chengdu Hunters
Courtesy of the London Spitfire

The Hunters came out strong and racked up 56% by staggering the point, but London was able to take the point back. They led in Ultimate advantage, and decided to take an aggressive approach, holding Chengdu closer to their spawn point. Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong made sure the Hunters could not group up on the spawn with about 80% left, getting two quick kills. The Spitfire finished off the map with Seung-tae “Bdosin” Choi getting two kills with his Moira Ultimate.

London took early control of the second point on Oasis, but the Hunters took it back after 25%. After taking the point the Hunters had five Ultimates to work with, giving them the advantage in the fight immediately after the flip. The Hunters climbed up to 89% before the Spitfire were able to take the point back for themselves. However, their control did not last long, and Ding “Ameng” Menghan knocked multiple players off the map before they reached 100%.  

For the third point of Oasis, both teams came out similarly to what they had been running, with Jinmu continuing to wreak havoc on the Pharah. The Hunters claimed 74% of the point before London took it for themselves. They only claimed 43% before Chengdu recovered it. In Overtime the Spitfire were able to take the point back, and put up a great fight. Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim switched over to the McCree to deal with the Pharah that Jinmu was playing. At 99%-99% Chengdu were able to swing the point in their favor, and wipe out the Spitfire players.

Paris: Spitfire 5-4 Hunters

London Spitfire vs Chengdu Hunters
Courtesy of the London Spitfire

London started on attack, and came out with four DPS players. Eventually they switched it up with Bdosin running the Roadhog and Profit on the Hanzo. Birdring found Jinmu as Widowmaker, and the Spitfire took the first point of Paris very quickly. They quickly moved to the second point, getting the necessary kills and taking it with just over five minutes in the time bank.

London came out with a traditional defense, while Jinmu continued to run the Pharah as he had all game. After a few good staggers, the Hunters took the first point. London survived the initial attack from the Hunters, who came in with five ultimates. The Hunters came in hot, getting two quick points. Ameng almost back capped, but somehow London were able to hold Chengdu on defense. With just under three minutes, the Hunters took the second point.

The Hunter’s overtime offense saw them take the first point just as quickly as their first round. After an Ultimate-filled fight, and a single tick for the Hunters, they were left with 30 seconds to attack. In Overtime, they were able to take the other two ticks that they needed, with no time left in the timebank.

Then it was the Spitfires turn to attack. They came out in a double sniper composition. Birdring was the first to fall, but London came back with two kills of their own. They stayed on their composition, and took the second point with under 2:30 in the time bank. Only needing to get one tick on the first point to win Paris, they took their time and it almost cost them. After their first push, they only had 30 seconds to get on the point. With the clock ticking down, London began to get it together. Somehow they turned it around, and took the point.  

Eichenwalde: Hunters 3-0 Spitfire

London started on defense, with a Pharah battle between Profit and Jinmu. Profit took the first kill in the battle, but the Hunters were able to find the kills to take the first point. The Hunters rolled through the second point with ease. Luo “Elsa” Wenjie got two with his Self-Destruct, which led to the Hunters taking the point with 2:16 after a long stagger from London.

London came out with a double sniper composition, with Jun-ho “Fury” Kim continuing to play his trusty D.Va. Jong-seok “NUS” Kim ran the Mercy, getting resurrections off for the Spitfire. Chengdu held firm on defense, and London were not able to get a single tick on the point.

Rialto: Spitfire 3-1 Hunters

London Spitfire vs Chengdu Hunters
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

London needed a big win to force a Map 5 in this series. They came out in a traditional 3-3 composition. Fury did what he does best, and ate Jinmu’s Dragonstrike. Jinmu switched back to the Pharah, but it was not enough to stop London from advancing the payload. Eventually the Hunters did stop the Spitfire in their tracks, forcing them to regroup. On the back of Nus’s attempt to back cap, the Spitfire rushed in and almost took the second tick. With a minute remaining, London reset and were almost able to take the point. However, Jinmu on the Doomfist was too much for the Spitfire to handle.

The Hunters marched their way to the first checkpoint in very little time. London played a 3-3 composition, but it was no match for the Hunters strategy. London were tasked with holding the payload for over four minutes, and only had about 12 meters to give. The Hunters got pick after pick, and took the game 3-1.


The Spitfire looked out of their element today. Gesture died early in one too many team fights. London were unable to handle Jinmu on any of the Heroes that he played. The Spitfire failed to match up with the variety of compositions that Chengdu ran, and their stubbornness cost them in this game. A great display from the Hunters showed that London may have a few issues to work out before Stage Playoffs start.

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