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Overwatch League Recap: London Spitfire vs. Boston Uprising

London Spitfire


Starting Six

  • Jong-seok “NUS” Kim
  • Seung-tae “Bdosin” Choi
  • Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim
  • Joon-yeong “Profit” Park
  • Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong
  • Jun-ho “Fury” Kim


  • Yung-hoon “Krillin” Jung

Busan: London 2-0 Boston

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Boston Uprising might have been the first to cap on Downtown, but the London Spitfire were quick to turn things around. Profit’s aggressiveness on Zarya caught the Uprising by surprise; getting key picks on Kristian “Kellex” Keller, Minseok “AimGod” Kwon and Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse, Profit paved the way for the Spitfire to cap the point. From there, the point would flip intermittently between the two. Fury would be starving again today as he managed to eat Colourhex’s graviton surge, denying Boston one final fight for the point.

On Meka Base, it took some time, but the Uprising would eventually cap the point first again. They managed to hold the Spitfire off, but at 77 percent Bdosin would get a key pick on AimGod that would cause the Uprising’s defenses to unravel. As the Spitfire equalized, Gesture would initiate a fight by using Earthshatter, but Colourhex was still able to throw his Graviton Surge. However, the Uprising were unable to capitalize on it as Fury and Profit would get Richard “rCk” Kanerva with a Graviton Surge and Self-destruct Combo. With time dwindling down, Boston would attempt one final push for the point, but Profit would once again deny them by Graving them off the point. London would take Busan 2-0.

Paris: London 3-2 Boston

Photo courtesy of Overwatch

On Paris, London were excessively passive on the first point. Kellex would end up getting a surprising pick on Gesture that allowed the Uprising to push. Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth would initiate a back cap on the point before using his Primal Rage to clean up the remaining members of the Spitfire. For a moment, it seemed as though Boston would be able to cap Point B with no time at all, but an out of position Fusions would get obliterated by Gesture. Two ticks under their belt, Boston would come back with a Fat Shatter from Fusions that let Colourhex Grav the remaining members of the Spitfire off the point.

On attack, London played the slow game at first, allowing Gesture to charge his ultimate. Popping primal rage, Gesture would push the Uprising off Point A before switching onto Reinhardt for a quick push onto Point B. Colourhex did his best to stall on Tracer, but the Spitfire’s aggressiveness would allow them to cap the point. Defending once more, the Spitfire would take advantage of Fusions engaging in fights on his own. Boston was tilted at this point, and while they did manage to get one tick, their lack of support ultimates would be their downfall. With more than enough time left, London would again play things super slowly. Only needing one tick to win, Profit would use his graviton surge to keep Boston off the point, and the London Spitfire would take Paris 3-2.

King’s Row: London 6-5 Boston


Philadelphia Fusion
Photo courtesy of Overwatch

King’ Row would prove to be a challenging map for the London Spitfire. The first to defend, London initially looked lost as the Uprising rushed through their defenses on Point A. With rCk on his famous Sombra, he would get key picks on members of the Spitfire that would allow Boston to push through Point B. Despite a Graviton Surge from Profit, London would be unable to do anything with it as Kellex used his sound barrier to prevent his teammates from falling.

On attack, a panic Shatter from Fusion’s would be all the Spitfire needed to cap Point A. From there, London would play super aggressively. The moment Profit gained his Graviton Surge; he would throw onto the unsuspecting Uprising. This allowed them to push the payload through Point B, despite Kellex’s best attempts to contest. Starving once more, Fury would eat another graviton surge from Colourhex, thus denying Boston any effort to save Point C. With less time under their belt, things looked grim for the Spitfire, but they were able to push the payload past Point B during overtime. After Gesture whiffed his Earthshatter, Boston was able to take back control and shut down the Spitfire.

On defense, Bdosin would end up using Transcendence early after noticing rCk hovering from above the point. Thinking he was going to get EMP’d, this move cost the Spitfire Point A. Boston would also end up being able to push the payload through Point B after rCk got a key pick on Bdosin. Holding onto EMP for the majority of this payload push, rCk would end up missing Bdosin who was hiding in one of the hallways near the Spitfire’s spawn. This move would cost the Uprising dearly as Bdosin managed to save his team from Colourhex’s Graviton Surge. From there, both Bdosin and Profit would take out the Uprising, and the Spitfire would take King’s Row 6-5.

Junkertown: London 2-0 Boston

Photo courtesy of Polygon

Subbing in Krillin for the last map, the Spitfire would switch things up by playing exceptionally aggressively. Blasting through Points A and B, Boston would eventually recover as the payload neared the end of the map. With rCk on Sombra, he would be able to poke at and take out the Spitfire’s backline. After Fury got a sick self-destruct on AimGod and rCk, it appeared as though the Spitfire would be able to turn things back in their favor. However, they had wasted too much time trying to figure out how to work around rCk’s Sombra. With little time left, the Uprising would be able to prevent London from completing the map.

Figuring they had nothing left to lose, the Uprising would run a Bunker composition as they attacked. This move seemed to shock the London Spitfire, and for a moment it seemed as though Boston’s cheekiness would be their saving grace. However, a key pick on Colourhex from Gesture would allow the Spitfire to stabilize once more. Despite getting the rez off on Colourhex, Kellex and the rest of Boston would fall quickly to birdring’s Brigitte. Swapping back onto GOATS would not help the Uprising as the Spitfire continued to demolish them. One final graviton surge from Profit would keep the Uprising off the payload. With a full hold on defense, the London Spitfire would take Junkertown 2-0.


The London Spitfire looked great during this game. While things looked a bit dire on King’s Row, Bdsoin and Profit would defy all odds and clutch out a win for their team. The Spitfire continue to improve with every match; with only three games left, their chances at playoffs are looking more and more likely if they continue on this upward trajectory.

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