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London Spitfire: Stage 2 Week 4 Preview

Coming off a 4-0 win against the Boston Uprising, the London Spitfire enter Week 4 of Stage 2 undefeated. With upcoming matches against two middle-of-the-pack teams this week, London has potential to keep their win streak alive at the Dallas Homestand.

Last Week’s Recap

Boston Uprising (2-3)

Boston Uprising vs London Spitfire

London used a variety of play styles in their match against Boston. Their slow, determined play on Paris allowed them to outlast the Uprising and easily secure the point. On King’s Row, the Spitfire played more aggressively, using ultimates early to catch Boston off guard. Bringing in Young Hoon “Krillin” Jeong for his first map on Junkertown, London showed competence playing into bunker compositions. Their versatility to change their style by map kept Boston entirely in check, leading to a 4-0 victory for the Spitfire.

Player of the Game

Junho “Fury” Kim

Fury brought his A-game against Boston last week. Between eating multiple gravitons and setting up clutch self-destructs, Fury made sure his playmaking potential did not go unnoticed. While his fundamental mechanics on D.Va are stellar on their own, his repeated ability to completely turn fights around on D.Va made him last week’s MVP.

Preview for this Week

Paris Eternal (5-6)

Paris Eternal
2019-03-17 / Photo: Stewart Volland For Blizzard Entertainment

The Eternal’s wins this stage so far have come from the struggling Guangzhou Charge and Florida Mayhem. A 4-0 loss to Chengdu and 2-1 loss to Dallas place Paris currently in the middle of the pack, though their strength of schedule has been fairly weak.

Despite a Paris win the last time these two teams faced off, both teams currently play radically different than their last matchup. London has finally come into their own on 3-3 compositions, and Paris are fielding a new starting lineup that has brought them better performance recently. However, given Paris’ difficulty to perform well against middle and high tier teams this stage, this rematch favors a Spitfire victory.

Prediction: London wins 3-1.

Chengdu Hunters (5-6)

Chengdu Hunters Week 3 Preview
Image Courtesy of the Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu faces a similar conundrum as Paris. While the Hunters handily stomped the Eternal in their match this stage, their only other win was against the low-tier Washington Justice. Against the Gladiators and the Dragons, Chengdu failed to put up much of a fight.

Unlike Paris, who typically seem content to run GOATS compositions, Chengdu have never been known for playing to the meta. While they have caught teams by surprise in the past, their playstyle is much more predictable at this point in the season. Undoubtedly, teams have started to make preparations for when they face the league’s mold breakers. The Hunters’ unique playstyle means that London will need to practice specific counter strategies, but it would take quite an upset for them to come out on top.

Prediction: London wins 3-1.

Player to Watch

Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Junyoung “Profit” Park

If Fury is London’s defensive playmaker, Profit is his offensive counterpart. All eyes will be on Profit as he switches his playstyle against Paris’ 3-3 and Chengdu’s Wrecking Ball compositions. His strength on Zarya and a variety of DPS heroes will help set the pace of team fights throughout what should be an easier week for London.


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