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London Spitfire: Stage 1 Week 4 Preview

Following their takedown of the Los Angeles Gladiators, London look primed to find another win against a mid-tier team this week. While the Spitfire’s performance last week wasn’t their best showing, they continued to show more consistency than in weeks prior. London look poised to maintain their playoffs eligibility, provided they can produce similar results against Shanghai in Week 4.

Last Week’s Recap

Los Angeles Gladiators (1-4)

Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

In last week’s match against the Los Angeles Gladiators, the Spitfire were neck and neck with their opponents. Busan was a close call, Numbani ended in a draw, and Volskaya left much to be desired. But once London took to Dorado, they looked like a completely different team. Their aggressive spawn camps on defense were extremely successful, and on attack they kept up their momentum to secure the match win 2-1.

Player of the Game

Hee Dong “Guard” Lee

Guard’s persistent backline harassment and rapidly built EMPs helped London look utterly dominant against the Gladiators on Dorado. His Sombra play makes London shine, and hopefully fans can expect to see more of Guard’s aggressive side in upcoming matches.

Preview for this Week

Shanghai Dragons (2-3)

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Shanghai  put an end to their winning streak last week in a close match against the Dallas Fuel. Having said that, they are still a quite competent mid-tier team, with players that can go toe to toe with London’s best. Of particular note is Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang, whose Sombra should make for an exciting 1v1 as he faces off against Guard.

If last week’s results are anything to stand by, London has proven that they can hold their own against mid-tier threats. While London has struggled with Route 66 this stage, their synergy on the other maps in this matchup will likely be enough for them to take a relatively easy win over Shanghai.

Prediction: London wins 3-1.

Player to Watch:

Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Seungtae “Bdosin” Choi

With DDing on the opposing roster, London’s resident Zenyatta player needs to triple-check his corners. To succeed against such a lethal Sombra player’s EMPs, Bdosin needs to have the positional awareness to either hide out of sight or have a split-second reaction time for his own ultimate. If Bdosin can reliably nullify DDing’s EMPs, London will have a cakewalk dismantling Shanghai. But if he gets caught off-guard, he’ll likely be the first to fall and send the teamfight into a downward spiral.


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