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London Spitfire Sign Flex Support Player Prov1de

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The London Spitfire has added more British firepower to the team with the signing of flex support player Owen “Prov1de” Warner. The flex support star comes to the team after most recently playing for Maryville Esports. Bringing his years of experience and skill to the rebuilding squad.

Prov1de’s journey to the Overwatch League has been a long and tumultuous one. As he has been a professional player since some of the earliest days of the scene. Starting his career all the way back in 2018 with the now-extinct team Allplanned. For a long time, he has been considered one of the strongest players at his position outside of those in the Overwatch League. Capable of playmaking on all heroes he touches, from his scary Zenyatta to his fearsome Ana.

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Yet he is however not a player without a history. He was actually first signed back in 2019 to a quickly rebuilding Los Angeles Valiant. Yet due to his distant toxic past behavior coming to more light the team decided to not have him play. As a result, his stock as a player took a turn in the downwards trajectory. He issued a twit longer explaining his feelings at the time, and once again apologized for his past.

Speaking to any of his teammates, coaches, or anyone really they will tell you he is not that person anymore and has not been for years. Going out of his way to change for the better and be held accountable for his past. The Spitfire’s decision to stand by him points toward even more continued growth. Hopefully, he can provide the team with all they need in return.

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