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London Spitfire Overwatch

London Spitfire Sign British Flex DPS Backbone From Altiora

London Spitfire Offseason

The London Spitfire has started to rev up those engines by signing flex DPS Jamie “Backbone” O’Neill. The British player comes to the Spitfire after most recently playing for Altiora in NA Contenders. Prior to Altiora he spent time with teams such as Ex Oblivione and Sheer Cold.

His time in the tier 2 scene was one of great flexibility. This player has shown the ability to perform at a high level across a wide field of hero picks. Ranging from his exceptional Hanzo to his fearsome Echo. His talents, during his time on Ex Oblivione and Sheer Cold, assisted his teams to multiple top 3 finishes in EU Contenders. The Spitfire is seemingly going to be investing heavily in homegrown talent from the UK for the 2022 season, heavily indicating that they will be signing at least three actual Brits to the 2022 roster

A Flexible Place to Start

Backbone will provide just as his name suggests. A strong place to build the team from. As previously mentioned he is a flexible player, something that with the wild uncertainty being faced due to Overwatch 2, will be most valuable. With the future of the game still somewhat shrouded in shadow, having strong flexible players on a roster should be the goal of each team in the Overwatch League.

Backbone has additionally has shown his ability to learn new heroes quickly. Something that will be a boon to a Spitfire squad looking for redemption in the 2022 season

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