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London Spitfire Promote Admiral

London Spitfire Admiral

Stand up and salute Spitfire fans. The search for the team’s 2022 Main Support has come to an end as the London Spitfire has promoted Oliver “Admiral” Vahar to the main squad for the 2022 season.

Admiral, or as some fans may know them, AdmiralRaptr, first came into the Spitfire family back at the beginning of 2021. Where they joined the Spitfire’s Academy team the British Hurricane. Prior to that, this fantastic main support player had already made a name for themself. Having first come into the pro Overwatch scene back in 2019. From there they bounced around, getting kills and taking names as their legend grew. Leading them to Obey Alliance. A team that was the bane of the 2020 British Hurricane squads existence for almost all of 2020.

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Going into the 2021 offseason after a not-so-great 2021 campaign fans knew to prepare for a rebuild. With many eyes looking to see if the team would again pull heavily from their successful academy roster as they did for 2021.

Building Back Stronger

Bringing in Admiral could likely finalize the team’s roster going into the unknown world that is 2022. The league is still planning on running an early build of Overwatch 2. A move that has many fans worried about how the league’s season will turn out. Will the players be able to practice on their own? Will tier 2 have access to the new game at the same time as OWL? There are so many questions yet to be answered.

The best that teams can do is bring in players who thrive at adapting. Ones who have shown in the past an ability to adapt and learn new heroes quickly. Admiral has seemed like such a player for some time. So rounding out their support line with arguably the best option out of EU contenders isn’t a bad idea going into 2022. Hopefully, Admiral can provide the team with exactly what they need.


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