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London Spitfire Look For Redemption In Week 3

London Spitfire Week 3

The current pilots for the London Spitfire had an immense amount of pressure going into their first week of games. These were (mostly) the kings of EU, having spent 2020 dominating that region as members of the British Hurricane. So even with the immense challenge that lay before them, expectations were still that they would at the very least be competitive. However they ended their debut weekend without taking a single map.

To be fair the teams they faced were mighty challenges. The Los Angeles Gladiators and Houston Outlaws are formidable foes.

Yet the performance from the Spitfire was, in a kind word, underwhelming. It was thought that the synergy the team had, built from a year of dominance would at least keep them in the games early on. Yet, outside some occasional magical moments, the team looked lost. The London Spitfire in Week 3 have two chances to win back the hearts of disenchanted fans, and to rewrite the narrative for the start of their 2021 run.


Boston Uprising (0-2)

London Spitfire Week 3
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

This game, if one were to ask fans prior to the start of the season, would have heavily favored the Uprising. Yet if there was a team that possibly disappointed more than the Spitfire in week 2 it was the Uprising. Fans of the Uprising were hoping to see their much-improved roster, featuring stars like Valentine, Punk, Myunbong thrive. Expectations were that this team was to be like the Uprising of 2018. Yet it was a painful experience for many, with the Uprising leaving the week also without taking a single map.

Their players, for the most part, looked not to be themselves, seemingly throwing away chances at victory at every turn. Ideally, this was just an off week, one filled with immense first-week jitters. This roster should still not be underestimated. If the players wake up then this could be a major challenge for the Spitfire. Yet, if the Uprising struggle once again, it does allow the Spitfire a new opportunity to take an upset win here.

Will the Aces be High?

The Spitfire, despite looking uncharacteristically out of sync, can bounce back. A puzzling feature of the lineup in week two was the team being seemingly allergic to playing star DPS Shax alongside Blase. Instead of deciding to feature rookie sharpshooter Hybrid for the bulk of the match. A change-up in tactics here could give the team the explosive firepower they were missing. DPS however is the one area of the roster that currently features no graduating Hurricane members (as Sparkr does not turn 18 till June 10th) so the lack of synergy with the rest of the roster could be expected. If they can tighten things up, and focus on playing their game they could upset. Depending on how angry the Uprising are of course.

Prediction: Spitfire 3-2 Uprising


Toronto Defiant (2-0)

London Spitfire Week 3
Image courtesy of the Toronto Defiant


The Defiant are certainly rising together. Expectations for the team were high coming into the season. This is in large part due to the arrival of new Head Coach KDG and his Philadelphia Fusion friends that he brought with him. Players such as Sado and Heesu coming to the team made Defiant fans feel on top of the world, and in their debut matches, they did not disappoint.

With a convincing win over their Maple Hearted brethren the Vancouver Titans, as well as an impressive reverse sweep over a continuously not surprising Atlanta Reign, Drakes favorite team is looking to continue their good fortune in week 3. Across the board, they have new and returning players looking to firmly establish their place in the annals of Overwatch history. Special attention should also be given to their support line, where Ansoonjae and former Los Angeles Valiant flex support superstar Lastro have given the team a formidable base to build from.

Win one for the Queen?

Going off initial showings, the Defiant should be a mighty challenge for the Spitfire to overcome. They appear, at least in their early games, to be more coordinated, focused and willing to force their game on their opponent. The lads in blue will need to take a breath, and not let their first week woes bring them down. An issue they do face is of course one of ping. As despite the league’s best efforts to achieve minimum latency, there could still be issues arising from this. If they can overcome this technical issue, clean up their messy play and focus they may stand a chance. This team is one built on winning. Built on the legacy of a nearly undefeated year. Hadi the CHADI and the lads have the talent to win this game, the issue is… so do the Defiant.

Prediction: Defiant 3-1


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