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Los Angeles Valiant Overwatch

LA Valiant (Finally) Play Again: Week 8 Preview

The LA Lockdown robbed the LA Valiant fans of an official match last week. Albeit they likely are happy with what they got in the mini All-Star match. It is finally time, though, for the LA Valiant to return to playing official Overwatch League matches this weekend. Without further adieu, here is a look ahead at this weekend’s game.

LA Valiant vs SF Shock

Image Courtesy of Inven Global

Last week was the Battle for LA, now in their return to official matches brings back the California Cup. It is also an instant sink or swim match. The Valiant will be going up against the defending Overwatch League Champions and possibly the most stacked roster in the league. The LA Kill Squad or LAKS™ of KSP and KSF will be fighting against the likes of Architect, Sinatraa, Rascal, Striker, and ANS to help potentially lead their team to a victory.

The Valiant are a massvie wild card in this matchup. There is almost no info on the Valiant roster together as a competitive roster. On the other end of the spectrum, all the info on the shock is out there. The only changes they made was swapping their bench off-tank in Nevix for a backup DPS in ANS. At the end of last season, the Shock beat the Valiant in the last regular season match of the season to keep them out of playoffs. Now, the Valiant aim to get revenge versus the Shock for last season.

Player to Watch: Rick “GiG” Salazar or Song “Dreamer” Sang-lok

It is hard to pick one match up where the Valiant could out duel the Shock on any singular level. There just is not quite a big enough sample size of game play this season to make and individual determinations. One player who could carry this team if they have a good game is GiG. GiG is a hyper aggressive Reinhardt much like his likely mirror in Super. If GiG can gain the upper hand versus Super they Valiant’s chances of winning the match increase exponentially.Meanwhile, Dreamer is a completely unknown variable. Last time he played was on Lucio during last weeks show match. He is a main tank player. If Dreamer is in and can gain some advantage over his mirror, then that will also increase the Valiant’s chances.

Score Prediction: SF Shock beat LA Valiant 3-1

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