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Los Angeles Gladiators Overwatch

L.A. Gladiators Part Ways With MirroR and MuZe

L.A. Gladiators Part Ways With MirroR and MuZe

The L.A. Gladiators have announced on Twitter that they have parted ways with rookie main tank Young-hun “MuZe” Kim and two year flex DPS Gia Huy “Chris” “MirroR” Trịnh. Both players have posted a Looking for Team Tweets which can be found here and here.

Though MirroR did not see much play time as the season progressed, his hyper flexibility was a great asset to the team especially during times where the meta was not set in stone. He is highly proficient on Doomfist and Torbjorn as well as Zarya. He is a perfect fit for teams looking for someone to fill in the gaps for hero pools on any roster.

MuZe was one the most talked about rookies headed into the 2021 season. Though many assumed he would be out shone by his the other highly touted main tank rookie Tae-sung “Mag” Kim, he more than proved that he had what it took to be one of the best main tanks in the league. With Overwatch 2 removing a tank player, it is a difficult call for teams to determine who exactly will fit better in an all new game. If the traditional main tanks are still prevalent and do require a specialist, MuZe is an absolute steal for any team looking for a all around solid player.


The Future for The Purple and White

With the effects of COVID-19 and Overwatch 2 shrinking the required amount of players, it was safe to assume that many teams would be looking to make cuts after the 2021 season. With the Gladiators, it’s clear at time of writing that they have decided to continue with Indy “SPACE” Halpern as their primary (and now only) tank player. Space came off of a fantastic year with L.A. and even earned himself a Role Star award along with winning the Countdown Cup. As the face of the franchise and as someone whose peak we may not have seen, he is by all accounts the safe bet going into Overwatch 2.

It remains to be seen if the Gladiators want to cut additional players or sign promising rookies to inject new blood into the team. One thing is for sure: the Gladiators are coming off of their most successful season yet. Fans have raised their expectations for the team even higher and it’s up to the organization to meet these demands with continued success and even a championship.


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