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Overwatch Washington Justice

Justice By The Numbers: Week 2 Washington Justice Stats

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This season, the Overwatch League has revealed that it will be presenting a public database of statistics. This update will also provide viewers previous statistics since the beginning of the league. The properly named “Stats Lab” is home to several categories where it has things such as player compositions, teamfight win rates, map stats and individual team/player stats. Diving into the Washington Justice, they kept their starting six out on stage for both contests without making a substitute. All stats below are based on the per ten-minute sample size gathered by the Overwatch League unless otherwise stated.

Washington Justice stats courtesy of Overwatch

Washington Justice stats courtesy of Overwatch League Stats Lab

They are your Shield!

With Elliot “ELLIVOTE” Vanyard in the lead for not only the team 187 eliminations landing him with the top five positions overall currently in the league. The stats also point out to a narrative about ELLIVOTE and his teammate Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye being a top tier tank line in the league. Leading the league in Damage Blocked is r0ar with 175,846 points of damage up until this point of the season, 7th in tank hero damage at 6,367.6 points and 5th in final blows for tanks at 6.7. ELLIVOTE compliments r0ar’s main tank playstyle while placing 6th for eliminations at 18.6 for tanks, finishing in 4th for solo kills at 0.7 and finally with the second most barrier damage dealt behind Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee of the Philidelphia Fusion with 67,687 after this weekend. Despite having issues with a visa, the Washington Justice managed just fine with their tank tandem this past week.

License to Chill

It is hard to find things that have not been said about both Corey ” Corey” Nigra and Ethan “Stratus” Yankel. So the stats will speak for themselves. Corey has gone on with his weakest performance of the set in eliminations at 15.8 eliminations but makes up for it by having the 7th fewest deaths of DPS players, being 7th in final blows at 7.8 kills for DPS players, 3rd in hero damage at 8,802 for DPS players, and topping it all off with placing first among DPS players for 1.9 solo eliminations. Stratus’ bounce back game against the Houston Outlaws brought his numbers to being just 13th for hero damage at 6,

Stratus WasJustice
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

313.5 damage dealt for DPS, 10th place for both eliminations and final blows with 17.2 and 6.1 respectfully, being in 8th at solo eliminations at .9 eliminations. Finishing with the 6th least deaths in his role finishing just one ahead of Corey who placed at 7th with 5.4 deaths. All of these numbers give a certain narrative that both Stratus and Corey have maintained their chemistry from their Stage 4 run of the 2019 season and gives a brighter outlook on the rest of the season.

Dropping More than the Beat

Looking at the numbers here, the narrative brought to the forefront is that the support line for the Justice really struggled to gain its footing. Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon had by far the best performance of the two healers. Boasting the 2nd place spot in healing with 12,370 points of damage healed for support players. Yeonjun “ArK” Hong with his stealthy capture of the final point on Temple of Anubis against the Fusion, it does redeem some of the poor performance with finishing the healing column in the last place at 5,423.9 points of damage healed. His resilience is what kept them in that fight, and garnered him a top 5 play of the week on the Overwatch League highlight reel, however, to get something going for their upcoming homestand, ArK will have to dig deep to help his team.


Feature Image courtesy of the Overwatch League.

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