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It’s Time: The Final 2020 OWL Stonk Report

Before playoffs kick off, it is time for one last stonk report for the 2020 OWL Season. Instead of the traditional change from week to week, this one will be different. This is a look at where they stood before the season to where they stand now at the end of the regular season. Without further ado, here is the final stonk report of the 2020 OWL Season.

Stonks Up: Paris Eternal

Overwatch League
Photo Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment.

The Eternal were an interesting case coming into this season. The additions of Sp9rk1e, Xzi, FDGod and Hanbin gave this team massive upside. The main question surrounding them was could they be in playoff contention before Sp9rk1e became of age. They did more than stay in contention, they were the third best team in North America. The Eternal’s coaching staff deserves massive credit for what this team has done. Players like Benbest, Nosmite, and Nico were thought of as washed before the season until Rush and co. got their hands on them. Additionally, Xzi and Hanbin both more than held down the fort before Sp9rk1e arrived. The Eternal not only surpassed expectations, but turned themselves into a team with possibly the brightest future in OWL. 

Stonks Down: Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Image courtesy of Robert Paul for the Overwatch League

The Atlanta Reign were once thought to be the second best team in the league, yet they finished 12th in the overall standings. One thing is for certain it was not because of a lack of talent. Their DPS line of Erster, Edison, Sharp, and Saucy is likely one of the most mechanically gifted DPS trios in all of the league, but are almost all hitscan players. Even when they had Babybay that was still an issue. The support line is solid and the tanks are fine too. It feels like the Reign need to make changes, though. They made multiple decisions that were head scratchers this past year, core among them how little they played Erster. Hopefully, these questions get answered in the coming months.

Stonks Up: LA Valiant

2019-08-25 – Overwatch League 2019 – LA Valiant Homestand / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Valiant were predicted to be one of the two worst teams this season and for good reason. This roster was full of unproven and little known players, none of which were from Korean Contenders. There was always the thought they could be very good, but if they could was a different story. Well, they could and they did perform great. Players like KSP, Shax and Lastro contributed massively to the team’s success. Additionally, McGravy and RaiN proved that they are both good players in their own right. This team could not have achieved what they managed to do without the Valiant’s coaching staff. Packing 10, Unter, Gunba, Reprise and Stoops all played major roles in helping this young, inexperienced team perform at peak capabilities. Now it’s time for Sideshow to pay up on his bet with Custa.

Stonks Down: Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws Preview
Image Courtesy of Houston Outlaws

There is one word synonymous with the Outlaws preseason expectations and results: pain. The Outlaws looked like a a real threat headed into this season with Danteh, Blase, and Meko joining the roster. Instead, the team underperformed once again. They juggled flex supports to start the season, all but benched Muma while playing Blase on McCree for a long period of time. There is hope for the Outlaws, though. They have a star DPS in Danteh, a good off tank in Meko, and a great main support in Jecse. This roster just needs more top talent though. If Houston wants to be taken seriously, they need to figure out the rest of the roster this off-season.

Stonks Up: Florida Mayhem

New York Excelsior v Florida Mayhem
Photo by STEWART-VOLLAND for Blizzard Entertainment

The Mayhem were one of the big surprise teams this year. At the end of last year they reset their whole roster by bringing in new players. They then kept some of those players this year and added an influx of players from the Runaway roster in Korean Contenders. Despite the new talent, there was still reason for concern. Players like Kris and BQB needed to play massive roles on this team now despite performing poorly previously. But with the new Mayhem coaching staff and the Runaway talent, the Mayhem rose from the bottom of the league.

While Yaki, Gargoyle and Gangnamjin deserve massive praise, this team does not do what it does without the improvement from BQB. His improvement from a Sombra main to full fledged hitscan player who can hang with the best was remarkable. With an influx of even more talent on the Horizon, who know how much better they get.

Stonks Down: Seoul Dynasty

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty On the Brink Youtube Video

Much like with the Reign, this team received massive off-season hype. After all, they brought in Profit, Bdosin and Gesture. Their additions after them though were lackluster at best. Their early season success didn’t last though. Two words describe their season though, constant inconsistency. While the additions of Slime and Toyou seem to have made a difference, this team is still a mystery and disappointment going into playoffs. This season will likely end in the team being a middle of the pack mess, not a title winner.

Unfair To Grade: Vancouver Titans

Vancouver Titans First Win
Courtesy of the Vancouver Titans

The Titans should be a stonks down, but gt is too mean to say that. The team had a fine start that absolutely blew up once COVID hit. Their relationship with the organization broke down and the entire team got dropped. They then picked up an entirely new roster made up of players from multiple Contenders teams. While that group was solid, they were by no means as good as their old roster, but had multiple players with promise. While they are the definition of a stonks down, it is unfair to this team and their roster.


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