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Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform?

Overwatch 2 Cross Platform

Overwatch 2 is coming, eventually. It has been a long road for fans of the shooter but the wait to see the game in action should not be too much longer with the arrival of the Overwatch League. Then hopefully not too far distant will be a chance when the fans get to play the game. With the arrival of Overwatch 2 many will be wondering if Overwatch 2 is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform or not? Here is the latest on whether Overwatch 2 Cross Platform will be with the release or not.

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When Overwatch was initially released there was no cross-platform play. It was a bit frustrating but understandable as not too many games were actually implementing this ability around the initial release. With more games starting to, Overwatch players were wondering how long it would take Blizzard to adapt and let PC players play with their console friends?

Then in the middle of 2021, Overwatch players were finally able to play with anyone on any device. This had been announced earlier in the year to the surprise and excitement of many fans.

Now, with Overwatch 2 hopefully on the horizon, players are wondering whether the crossplay already in Overwatch will be in Overwatch 2? The answer would seem to point to yes.

The reasoning behind this is that Overwatch players will be able to play Overwatch 2 PVP even if they don’t own the game. For all of the systems to work without major exceptions, that means that crossplay to all platforms would likely need to stay the same.

Again, the game is not out yet. Until it is all of this is up in the air and once it is The Game Haus will make sure to update this piece and all the others for Overwatch 2.

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