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Interview with Gamsu on Adopting Uni, the Joy of Dogs, and Spending Time Outdoors

Gamsu dog Uni

[This interview was first published on June 27, 2019 but has been re-released due to its continued relevance]

Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh walked into Shanghai at the beginning of this season and completely turned the team around, giving them the main tank that they had been so desperately needing. Gamsu also brought his dog, Uni, with him when he moved over from Boston. These two have formed quite the bond and have quickly become one of the more lovable duos in the OWL. Gamsu and Uni have helped the Dragons find some much-needed silliness and joy, two things that this team desperately needed to focus on after last season.

Gamsu dog Uni
Image Courtesy of @GamsuOW

For starters, we have to talk about Uni. What inspired you to get a dog in the first place and how did you find Uni?

Personally, I really enjoy hiking and walking around. Whenever I was hiking around, I realized a lot of the people who have dogs with them as company seemed to be happier. That inspired me to get a dog from an animal shelter. That’s where I found Uni.

How has having a dog around affected the team environment?

Sometimes Uni will do something silly, and everybody will just get a good laugh out of it. I think those kinds of things are helping the team to have a better time and laugh more together.

Does Uni have a favorite player, outside of you?

Uni really likes Geguri and DDing. I have a feeling that it is because there are a little bit smaller in comparison to other people, so it’s easier for him to approach them.

You’re someone I always see hiking or doing something in nature. Why do you spend so much time in the outdoors?

The nature of my work involves a lot of sitting down and being indoors in front of a computer. So, as a result, it’s just a very refreshing change of environment when I do go outside and just see the scenery. Also, California, and the United States overall has various type of sceneries that I enjoy, not just the woods but also places like the desert.

That it is just a huge change for me and it seemed like I just grew to enjoy it a lot, as I kept doing it.

Gamsu dog Uni
Image Courtesy of @GamsuOW

Do you have a favorite trail or area you like to go to most?

There’s a specific trail that I really like near Burbank… but I kind of forgot what it was called.

How has it been playing with Shanghai this season, as opposed to playing for Boston last season? How are the two teams different, or the same?

So, I was mainly using English during my stay in Boston. While, in contrast, I’m using Korean with Shanghai. As a result, I had to adapt to the environment in Boston. In Shanghai, I fit in more nicely because of the change in language that I was using, for the most part. Also, I approached both teams was a positive attitude and just try to make a good environment wherever I play.

Do you feel like you have become a leader for this team?

Well, I wouldn’t call myself a leader. However, I always try my hardest to create a positive environment so my teammates can play at a relaxed and less stressful state.


The Game Haus thanks Gamsu and the Shanghai Dragons for their help in organizing the interview and helping with translation.


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