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How Unlocking YOUNGJIN’s Potential led the Dragons to a Stage 3 Playoffs Title

Shanghai Dragons Stage 3 Playoffs

Last night, in thrilling fashion, the Shanghai Dragons were crowned the OWL Stage 3 Playoffs champions over the San Francisco Shock. This victory came after what was arguably the most impressive Stage Playoff run to-date, toppling the NYXL and Vancouver Titans before they faced the Shock.

Pinpointing exactly how or why this was possible can easily lead in several different and very valid directions. Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang’s insane Pharah stat line, Min-seong “diem” Bae’s top-notch Widowmaker play and Kyungwoo “CoMa” Son’s sacrificial big plays are all directions one could easily take when explaining the Dragons victory. One player that may not be getting the credit he deserves, however, is Yong-Jin “YOUNGJIN” Jin.

Early Struggles

YOUNGJIN, unfortunately, first made his name in the OWL from this C9 against the Dallas Fuel. Since it happened, he became what many viewed as the weakest link for the Dragons, in part also because of his struggles on Brigitte.

So, for much of the season since this event, YOUNGJIN’s talent was questioned and he was mocked for making such a critical mistake. Surrounded by a team full of players receiving praise and standing out, YOUNGJIN could have easily lost hope and faded into the background.


Slowly, throughout Stage 3, the Dragons began to solidify themselves as a DPS-centered team. Leading into the Stage 3 Playoffs, YOUNGJIN was hardly featured on Brigitte, instead, playing a considerable amount of Roadhog and Doomfist. The Dragon was now unchained and it was time to let YOUNGJIN loose.

Throughout the Stage 3 Playoffs, YOUNGJIN has made play after play on these heroes. There were moments in the Vancouver series that he looked nearly unkillable. But, even then, he was simply approaching his final form. A form which came into its fullness when the Dragons needed it most, the Stage 3 Playoffs championship match.

Confidence is Key

YOUNGJIN’s deadly Roadhog and Doomfist plays not only showed a player that has improved his play but also show a player willing to make the risks. In the second half of this play, YOUNGJIN makes a flank on Doomfist to meet the rest of the Dragons around the corner and pin the Shock on Numbani. Then, even after making that bold flank, YOUNGJIN believes that he can get more. So, he takes it.

This trend continued through the series and into Havana where the Unchained Dragon made this incredible play on Roadhog. Again, a play that a player without confidence in himself, and a good helping of swagger, would not have attempted.

To win such an incredible series of games requires a team effort, especially in Overwatch. No one is taking anything away from the rest of the Dragons roster, who all looked absolutely stunning in these wins. Yet, when fans look back at this chapter in the Dragons history books, let them not forget of the Dragon that was unchained. His name is Yong-Jin “YOUNGJIN” Jin and he is here to stay.



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