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How to Watch and Create Your own Bracket for the 2019 OWWC Prelims

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The 2019 OWWC preliminary tournament starts in just 30 minutes from the time this article was published, approximately 12:00 pm CST. With teams battling for the final few spots in the Group Stages and a chance to play live on the Blizzcon stage, these are sure to be some fiery matches. Here’s how to watch them and make your own bracket for them along the way.

Streaming Options

The two options currently available are through Twitch and Juked. To watch on Twitch, the games will be streamed today simultaneously on multiple Twitch channels, according to Team UK’s Community Lead. Here are the channels the matches will supposedly be live-streamed on:

The other option is to stream on Juked, a newer streaming service for esports. The games should all be available in one, easy to locate place by clicking on this link to the site.

Bracket Creation

Twitter user @slmnio has made a habit of creating good, accessible brackets for OW esports events. This year, he has made a bracket for the 2019 OWWC Prelims, which can be located below.

Other details have not yet been revealed concerning the OWWC Prelims, with the promotion of the games relatively silent by Blizzard/Overwatch. With a lot of hard work and fundraising on the line for these teams, there is good reason to tune into these matches on Halloween.



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