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How To Get Overwatch Twitch Drops for Tracer’s Challenge

overwatch twitch drops

With just a week left in Tracer’s Challenge, this is the last chance for players to unlock the limited-time cosmetics. An overview of the mini-event can be found here, but this article will dive into the harder-to-get items. These, namely, are the sprays from watching Twitch streams.

This event introduced seven new sprays, with six only unlockable through Twitch. These six feature the typical onomatopoeia from comics, be it “pow,” “bang,” or “whack!” While this may seem underwhelming, there is a hidden feature here. Blizzard brought tracer’s voice actor (Cara Theobold) back into the studio to voice these. This means when a player places the “Pew Pew!” spray, Tracer will vocalize that in-game.

overwatch twitch drops

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

There are three tiers to unlock, at two, four, and six hours watched on Twitch. Here are the steps to gain access to these Overwatch Twitch drops:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account and go to your Twitch connections page
  2. Click Connect next to Blizzard and follow the instructions.
  3. Watch participating streamers to earn sprays and icons.

This works for both PC and console players. However console players must link their respective accounts (e.g. Xbox Live, PSN, etc.) to their account.

With the event ending on September 28, there are only a few days left to earn these Overwatch Twitch drops. As with other mini-events, after the 28th they will not be able to be unlocked, even in the Anniversary event. Make sure to enjoy the event in the meantime and stay tuned for more from The Game Haus.


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