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The Houston Outlaws Sign Dreamer

Dreamer Houston Outlaws

The past couple of weeks have been a smorgasbord of exciting, unexpected pickups in the Overwatch League. The Philadelphia Fusion signed Jin-mo “Tobi” Yang and Hong-joon “Hotba” Choi right after the May Melee. The Dallas Fuel signed veteran player Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim. But nobody expected the Houston Outlaws to sign a new player. Despite this, on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 19, the Outlaws signed Sanglok “Dreamer” Song, a South Korean main tank player that is best known for his time spent on the Los Angeles Valiant during their 2020 season.

The Outlaws announced the signing via a Twitter post, having teased the pickup just minutes before, asking their fans to “Never forget to follow your Dreams”.

This pickup was especially exciting for Valiant fans, many of whom are fond of Dreamer, and were disappointed by the team dropping the entirety of their roster in the preseason. Dreamer expressed his own excitement on Twitter, informing his fans that he was happy to be back, and extremely thankful for the new opportunity.

Though fans are clearly excited about this pickup, many are unclear of the reasoning behind the signing. The Houston Outlaws already possess an impressive tankline of Min-jun “Piggy ” Shin and Myung-heum “Jjanggu” Cho. However, after losing to the Dallas Fuel and being unable to enter the May Melee, the Outlaws may be rethinking their goals for the team. And in a meta where a strong main tank is so important, diversifying their tank lineup could be the makeover they need. But no matter the motivation, the signing of such a well-loved player is thrilling for Overwatch League fans, and is an investment that will likely help the already stacked Outlaws make their way into the upcoming June Joust.

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