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Homestand Economics 101: Atlantic South

Atlantic South Homestands

Author’s Note: All figures in this series were based on the lowest ticketed prices that were still available as of January 4, 2020, and included all taxes, fees and shipping costs. Foreign currency conversion is also accurate as of January 4, 2020. Due to a lack of information on the Pacific East homestands, they have not been included at this time.

The Atlantic South division may have to wait until the second week of the season to kick off their homestands, but they all seem to be eagerly chomping at the bit. As previously reported, the Overwatch League is finally moving “home” for Season 3 which presents the community with a whole new experience, albeit, several challenges. Whereas the Atlantic North suffers from being the only division split between two continents, the Atlantic South may be the easiest to get to geographically. 

Overall Cost

Compared to the other divisions, the Atlantic South falls in the middle of the pack when it comes to overall price. However, with prices from $73 up to $106.80, it also has the lowest range across all divisions. What this means for fans is that no matter which Atlantic South homestand they choose to go to, they are going to be spending about the same amount. 

Atlanta Reign
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

In terms of overall price, the cheapest event to attend will be Atlanta’s homestand in March. The Reign are returning to The Roxy, which hosted their first homestand last May. The cheapest seats will cost $73 once all fees are included, which is just a few dollars more than last year’s cost. Although tickets are currently unavailable for their June homestand, Atlanta did have a pre-registration period around September. Ticket packages started at just $70 and included some swag, such as an Atlanta Reign shirt. So far there has been no word on when tickets will go back on sale for that weekend, nor which venue will be hosting it.

The most expensive homestands are Philadelphia Fusion’s first two at The Met. The former Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House is over 100 years old and underwent a $56 million restoration just a few years ago. Perhaps that is why the cost to snag tickets to this opulent theatre tip the scales at about $106.80. Fusion did promote a sale around the holidays that waived service fees and only cost $80 total. However, with the holidays over and the new year in full swing, regular prices have gone back into effect.  

Price Per Match

Due to homestand costs being relatively close, the Atlantic South also sees a much tighter range on their PPM. Interestingly enough, the cheapest matches start at just $13.34 but magnify twofold at $26.70 for the aforementioned Fusion hosted events. Though not a bad value, especially when compared to some of the Atlantic North matches, even the most inexpensive matches are double the price of BALA’s $6.25 average.

Washington Justice
Photo Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

When it comes to PPM, the cheapest matches to attend will be at Washington Justice’s fourth homestand at the end of May. The inclusive cost of the Week 17 event is fairly low, at just $80.05. Once split across 6 matches it comes out to be about $13.34 per match. Washington’s earlier three homestands aren’t too bad either, all coming in at a PPM of $15.67.

Team Attendance

The Atlantic South homestands will see anywhere from 4 to 10 teams playing in a singular weekend, with the majority hosting 6 or more teams. For fans who may only be able to attend a few weekends this year, they definitely want to look at Washington’s June homestand. Hosting 9 other teams, this will be the event with the most teams playing during the entirety of the season. 

Houston Outlaws
Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Although it seems like the best deals are occurring later in the year, the Houston Outlaws are hosting a fairly decent homestand during Leap Day weekend. For local Texans, this homestand will be a great chance to see a total of 9 teams. The only Atlantic division team that won’t be in attendance is the Washington Justice, as it is their bye week. It is also the first time fans will get to see the Atlanta Reign in action, as their first match of the season isn’t until the fourth week of competition.


Season Passes

Of the teams currently offering season passes, the Washington Justice seem to have the best options available. Being just one of three teams hosting an overwhelming 5 homestands, the Justice decided to give fans two different types of passes to choose from. Their first 3 homestands are all at The Anthem, which makes for a nice bundled deal. Fans looking to attend the DC based events between February and April can get a pass for just $196.50. This pass will grant access to 18 matches and showcases half of the league’s teams. Unlike the Atlantic North season passes that are more costly than purchasing individual weekends, this pass has a PPM of $10.91. 

The second option offered by the Justice is to attend all 5 of their homestands. This pass is obviously more costly, but still a bargain at $476. It’s a smart choice for those in the DC metro area as they’d be able to see 15 different teams. These teams will play an astounding 28 matches over the course of the 5 homestands, which cost about $17 per match. Though a bit on the higher side for PPM, this price also includes “a Commemorative Pin, a Founding Post Card, Reserved Seats, Website Recognition, and a Commemorative Lanyard”. 

Add Ons

Most add-ons throughout the league tend to be about $80, but the Atlantic South has gone in a slightly different direction. The Atlanta Reign are offering what they call a “VIP Heroes Upgrade” that will include a meet and greet, premium access to vendors, and the chance for a private tour of the venue itself. The downside is that this VIP upgrade will cost attendees $127, which is over $50 more than the entry tickets themselves. 

On the flip-side, the Philadelphia Fusion are offering a cheaper than usual “Loot Box Upgrade”. This upgrade includes “exclusive player meet & greet opportunities, one mystery item autographed by a select Fusion player, a Fusion swag bag, and the chance to win front row seats to the homestand weekend event,” according to the ticketing website. The best part is that it’ll only cost fans $75. The ticketing website carefully notes that the only way to attend the meet and greet is to purchase the Loot Box Upgrade. The Fusion’s upgrade also does not have any further fees tacked onto it, whereas Atlanta’s is subject to $21 in fees.

Florida Mayhem Homestand
Image Courtesy of Florida Mayhem via Twitter

Although not an add-on, the Florida Mayhem are offering one thing that no one else in the league currently is: a discounted ticket for children. The “under 12” discount will only cost a total of $77.20, which is a savings of $25 per ticket. This is a great option for families who want to enjoy a weekend of esports together but don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune. 

Final Thoughts

Fans in the Atlantic South division fare better than those in the Atlantic North. Overall prices fall much closer in line with the league average which should make wallets happy. The Atlantic South will also be hosting a total of 76 matches, the most of any division. 

For the lucky few who pre-registered for Atlanta’s June homestand, they can congratulate themselves for getting the overall cheapest weekend. As this homestand will showcase 6 matches, it also has the lowest PPM of just $11.67. But for those who have not yet bought tickets, their best bets will be either Washington’s homestand at the end of May or the Fusion’s June homestand in Atlantic City.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Though it can be argued that the Justice’s homestand is about $15 cheaper, it is important in this case to look at the bigger picture. Because of its proximity to a major metropolitan area, hotels near Washington’s homestand will cost around $170 per night. But just a few hours to the north, accommodations for Philadelphia’s Boardwalk Brawl should be closer to $90 per night. This is in part to Atlantic City’s deep roots as a betting town. Hotel and resort proprietors want patrons to spend their money on gambling, rather than on accommodations. Therefore, hotels tend to be much cheaper, with some deals reaching as low as $50 a night.

For fans looking to get the most out of their money, this homestand will see 9 different teams playing across 7 matches. But the icing on the cake? It is the only time that Philadelphia’s former longtime main support, Alberto “NeptuNo” Molinillo González will take on the Fusion with his new team, the Guangzhou Charge. However it shakes out, the final match should be a boardwalk brawl after all. 


For more info, please refer to this break down of the Atlantic North division or continue with the Pacific West division.

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