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History of OWL Jerseys & What Fans can Expect from Them in Season 4?

The Overwatch League has had their share of ups and downs when it has come to jerseys. Each season there have been new jerseys or at least a new provider of the jerseys. Will Season 4 bring new jersey designs or will it be a repeat of the Season 3 Jerseys? Here is a look at each season and their jerseys as well as a prediction of whether or not Season 4 will bring a new set for fans to buy.

Season 1

2018-06-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Season 1 brought the original jerseys that were from intotheam. The jerseys were reasonably priced around 70.00 USD. It was a pleasant surprise to the community when the jerseys came and the quality of the product was high. It was lightweight material with more sublimation ink to have the details put on the jerseys. The player names and numbers were not easily worn off or mismatched. This season there were home and away jerseys but they were the same design but colored differently. Many fans hold this as the golden age of the Overwatch League jerseys.

Season 2

Courtesy of Blizzard

The second season brought the Overwatch League to Fanatics as the merchandise seller. The designs were the same as the inaugural season, but the fans noticed a drop in the quality. Instead of the smooth fabric that held all the details previously, the names and numbers were now heat-pressed onto the jerseys. One of the biggest complaints was that the player names that used to appear on the front shoulder were taken off. The community really enjoyed that feature so people could see who the jersey was for from the front and back.

This caused many names and numbers to start peeling off after wearing them or washing them. There were also issues with names being misspelled or incorrect numbers. They did add the away jerseys have the logo of the team on it instead of just reusing the home jersey design. The away jersey was always the jersey that was more white-colored than the home one.

Courtesy of Blizzard

Mid-season the Overwatch League introduced the third kit jerseys. These were alternative designs that didn’t follow the Leagues’ jersey patterns. Not all the teams opted into having a third kit jersey. These were must more colorful but also brought more criticism as some teams’ designs were not universally liked. The jerseys also saw a price rise. They were limited edition and more well-received, especially after the issues that had arisen with the normal jerseys.

Season 3

Courtesy of Blizzard

At the beginning of Season 3, it was announced that the Overwatch League would be partnering with Jeff Staple. These jerseys were a split from the previously seen jerseys. It was more breathable material with the text not being heat-pressed on. The small details such as the zipper sides that had peek-a-boo team logos underneath made the newest jerseys feel more worth the price tag of 150.00 USD. It was a steep price rise but the quality improved drastically from Season 2. Many fans were upset about the price increase that they voiced on social media. This season followed Season 2 in having both away and home jerseys with the white-colored jersey being the away. The store only sold player customized away jerseys and the home jerseys being the standard blank ones. There may have been plans for other jerseys, but Covid could have interfered.


ryujehong owl
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

It is important to note that Season 1 and Season 2 All-Star jerseys were the same high quality both years. The designs that fans could buy were not absolute replicas but did get most of the details.


There are some predictors of whether or not there may be new jerseys. At the end of Season 3, there were no new all-star jerseys like the previous seasons had had. That would bring to mind that Covid-19 might have played a factor in the production of the jerseys.

Season1 and Season 2 of the Overwatch League started out with the same jersey, though the fan bought ones were of different quality. The League may keep the trend of two year jersey designs with a limited edition design in the second year.

Whether or not there are new jerseys the price point has been going up each year. It is nearing the 200 dollar mark per jersey. More than that price might cause an even big raucous.

Many fans will look to see whether they will need to save to buy new jerseys for their favorite players and teams or if they will only need to update their wardrobe for the new incoming players.

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