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Hero 28: Hammond the Wrecking Ball

Hero 28

As of June 28, 2018, Blizzard released Hero 28 and made him playable on the Public Test Realm/Region (PTR). Hero 28, Wrecking Ball, more so known to fans and Overwatch enthusiasts as Hammond, offers a unique gameplay for players. Wrecking Ball’s abilities and skill-set have distinct characteristics which separate it from any other hero currently available in Overwatch. Overall, Wrecking Ball will bring a new style of gameplay and will require better coordination for teams who want to combat him.

Diverse Skill-set

Hammond’s modified, mechanical escape pod is equipped with different tools to help him be impactful in any fight. Hammond got the name Wrecking Ball because of his gameplay, which literally mimics that of a wrecking ball. Hammond’s skill-set and abilities give him a unique feel in Overwatch.

Hero 28 – Hammond the Wrecking Ball

Hammond’s first ability Roll allows him to turn his mech in and out of a ball form. When in ball form, Hammond gains increased movement speed and can deal damage to enemies when he crashes into them. Similarly, while in ball mode, Hammond can also activate Grappling Claw. Grappling Claw acts as a tether, which can attach to almost any surface. While Hammond’s mech is tethered he can gain more speed, crash into enemies harder for more damage and knock enemies back.

In addition, at any time, Hammond can release his Grappling Claw tether to slingshot himself into the enemy backline or away from harm’s way. Lastly, Hammond can combo this slingshot movement with the ability Piledriver. Piledriver slams Hammond to the ground, dealing damage and knocking up any enemies in the vicinity.

Another ability that can be used, when Hammond is either in or out of ball form, is Adaptive Shield. Adaptive Shield grants Hammond a basic shield that gives him more shield/usable health when more enemies are around him and less when fewer. Adaptive Shield is a great tool to use before going into a fight or disengaging from enemy fire.

Lastly, Hammond’s Ultimate ability, Minefield, scatters mines on the ground that deal huge damage and knock enemies closer to other mines. This can be used as a great zone control tool or can be used to land massive damage on enemies when Hammond jumps into the enemy team. Minefield could be combined with a Reinhardt Shatter or Zarya’s Graviton Surge to inflict massive area-of-effect damage.

Below is a more in-depth look at Hammond the Wrecking Ball.

Looking Ahead

Overall, Hammond has great set of abilities that work well together. Hammond’s skill-set brings unique gameplay to Overwatch via his wrecking ball like mechanics. It should be interesting to see how Hammond will be used moving forward, once he is allowed in competitive play. Again, Hero 28 – Hammond the Wrecking Ball – was released June 28, 2018 by Blizzard Entertainment to the PTR. Hopefully, the Overwatch Developers will continue to improve and bring new heroes to the game, making it more enjoyable for everyone.


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Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch

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