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Hangzhou Spark’s Guxue to Debut Doomfist Gameplay Tutorial

With the latest season of the Overwatch League just two weeks away, audiences are curious as to how the pros will pick up the newest characters. Earlier this week, the Overwatch team revealed a brand new rework for Doomfist. The former DPS hero is now pivoting to a tank role. Along with a health increase, Doomfist has some new abilities that should allow him to help create space for his team and disrupt the enemy team. The massive change has audiences wondering just how tank players will adjust to learning a previously tricky DPS character.

Luckily fans won’t have to wait for much longer. On Thursday April 21, the Hangzhou Spark will reveal a new video of their star tank player Guxue jumping around the Practice Range with the new hero.

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The tutorial gameplay will feature Guxue most likely in the Practice Range testing out the new mobile tank. This will be the first look at the new reworked Doomfist since the announcement. Although the gameplay won’t be against real players, it should be an exciting introduction to a revamped character. In the announcement, the Overwatch team noted that Doomfist’s new Seismic Slam ability is similar to Winston’s jump ability. As a master of Winston, Guxue seems like the perfect player to showcase just what the new Doomfist can do. Fans can check out the Doomfist gameplay tutorial on the Hangzhou Spark Youtube channel at 12pm Eastern.

Excited Overwa2 fans can also get a glimpse of the new DPS character Sojourn, led by the Spark’s very own Shy. The Sojourn gameplay tutorial will premiere at the same time as the Doomfist tutorial at noon EST.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and the Hangzhou Spark

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