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Spark Part Ways With Tank Player QoQ

Spark QoQ

Late Thursday night the Hangzhou Spark announced the departure of Off-tank specialist Sungjun “QoQ” Yu. Hangzhou revealed the move on Twitter while thanking QoQ for his contributions to the team.

QoQ joined the team back in June, just a month after the Minho “Architect” Park acquisition. The former RunAway plant was a substantial part of the team’s culture change going into the second half of the 2020 season. With Seong-Wook “Ria” Park departure earlier in the offseason, the notion was that QoQ secured his place as the team’s go-to flex tank, but plans must have changed. Until Thursday, Hangzhou did decide to exercise their team option on the young Korean’s contract for this season.

For many, this move may be perplexing as QoQ is a promising upstart with plenty of potential going forward. But with further thought into this move, the free agency pool for the flex tank position is currently wide open.

Top-tier starters like Jun-ho “Fury” Kim and Hyeon-Woo “JJANU” Choi are now available after their contracts were not renewed. Players like Fury and JJANU, for example, would skyrocket the team’s dive potential. Xu “Guxue” Qiulin and Architect would greatly benefit from another solid, established veteran. For QoQ, this could potentially lead to a reunion with former RunAway Tank partner Tae-sung “Mag” Kim in Washington. With players like these available, Hangzhou look to jump on any opportunity they can get to upgrade their team after an on and off-season.

TGH will keep a close eye on the situation and provide updates once the Spark potentially make additional moves.

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