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Former Element Mystic Flex Support MCD Joins The Spark

Spark MCD

Following reports of his arrival just a few weeks prior, the Hangzhou Spark have signed Flex Support player Jeong-ho “MCD” Lee. The signing was announced on Twitter late Monday night. Earlier reports from OWL insider Arran “Halo” Brown suggested that MCD was heading to the Dallas Fuel. This would have reunited the Korean Support with his Element Mystic mutuals. However, the situation eventually developed to where the Spark made the big roster move a few days after the initial reports.

MCD is a Zenyatta/Ana main but also thrives on the Moira pick when needed. He essentially fills the role that Hui-chang “BeBe” Yoon had during his time with the team. With this being said, Hangzhou exclaims MCD as an “excellent shot caller”, as per their announcement tweet. This may allude to the direction the Spark are headed with their former communication issues. Especially with fellow Korean, Ji-sub “paJion” Hwang, now being at the helm.

In regards to Halo…

With Halo batting two for two in rumored Spark signings this offseason, it is safe to say that keeping a close eye on his activity is a must for OWL/Spark fans. His latest report regarding Hangzhou is the acquisition of former Titans player Min-soo “SeoMinSoo” Seo.

TGH will keep a close eye on the team as the offseason continues to roll on. Keep an eye on the Overwatch landing page for more up-to-date offseason moves.

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