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Can The Spark Continue Their Winning Ways in Week 25?

Spark Week 25

The Hangzhou Spark finally got it right last week after a statement win against the Dynasty. Architect’s resident Genji and flex onto Tracer was too much for Seoul to handle. In Week 25, however, the team looks to continue that momentum against the anti-meta Hunters.

Chengdu Hunters (5-14)

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Hunters are coming into the week hot off a big win against the NYXL. While many teams, including the Spark, ran a comp primarily comprised of a Reinhardt, Chengdu continued to be Chengdu by running multiple different dive compositions. Early in the game against New York, Chengdu seemed weaker team as many anticipated. In the end, however, the Excelsior could not contain the Wrecking Ball/Genji, leading to a reverse sweep for the Hunters. Apart from that surprising win, the Hunters have not been the greatest in the league since their last matchup with The Spark. The last time these teams fought was in Week 12, which resulted in a 3-1 win for Hangzhou. Since then, the Spark have upgraded their roster and have had much success against top teams including the aforementioned NYXL. On the other hand, Chengdu have gone 1-9 since their loss to Hangzhou. This includes a 3-2 round 1 loss to New York in the May Melee Tournament and a 3-0 round 1 loss to the Summer Showdown APAC champions: the Guangzhou Charge.

While the Spark have ridden the line between elite and mid-tier throughout the entire season, the Hunters have played near the bottom of the league with wins and close losses to top teams like the Dragons, for example. With that being said, their most recent win against the NYXL seemed more like a loss for New York rather than a win for Chengdu. Against the Dynasty, Hangzhou’s Reinhardt/Zarya comp alongside Architect’s dominance proves that the Spark thrives in this current hero pool.


Anime Arc of the Week // The Black Swordsman

Spark Week 25
Gif via Toonami

While it may not be an easy win as both teams are streaky, Hangzhou has the upper hand with a 3-0 lead on the season series. The Excelsior game proves that Chengdu’s strats can work, but as previously mentioned, the Spark have also achieved a 3-2 win on New York recently. This game will prove if Hangzhou can truly be the OP protagonist of this anime or if they are just another side character. Architect’s “sword art” may just be the answer.


Prediction: Spark win 3-1

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