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Hangzhou Spark’s Bazzi Retires From Professional Overwatch

Bazzi Retirement

Just mere moments after the Hangzhou Spark let go of assistant coach Jung “yeah” Young-su, one of the team’s damage players, Junki “Bazzi” Park has announced his retirement from the Overwatch League. Hangzhou announced the news on the morning of Sunday, May 17 on social media. 

The announcement is accompanied by a “thank you” video alongside the team’s statement. This would suggest that the team has been known of his departure of the player for a while now and has been preparing for his leave during these last few weeks or so.

Bazzi is best known for his outstanding Doomfist play during the 2019 playoffs. He made a name for himself and put the Spark on the map as a well-rounded 2-2-2 team during that tournament. His teammates have already come out and shown their support for the Flex DPS’s decision on Twitter and will continue to strive to play their best in his absence.

While Bazzi‘s retirement will be a hard pill to swallow for the team, Adora has been stepping up lately as the team’s Echo carry on the Flex DPS role. On top of that, the Spark’s latest manga chapter suggests that more is to come in the roster move department…

TGH will keep a close eye on the Hangzhou Spark as they do not look finished just yet in the days and weeks to come.

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