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The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins

The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins

With the 2019 All-Star festivities completed, the second season of the Overwatch League is halfway done. The Charge ended their second stage on a bit of an upswing after a rough few weeks, and are taking much needed time off. Now, as the off-season progresses, some changes will be coming into the roster. The Charge, akin to most of the other expansion teams, will most likely not make any new signings between stages. However, the three players who went to play for Guangzhou Academy will likely return soon, all now of age to play in Stage 3. So, as this is the last time the Charge will have only seven active members, it’s time for a lighthearted comparison article. Today, it’s time to analyze all the members seen on stage as each of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Happy – Lust

The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins

Image Courtesy of GZ Charge Youtube: Know Your Bro

DPS player Jungwoo “Happy” Lee has always been a very compassionate member of the Charge and shows it off often. He cares a lot about the other members, notably Yiliang “Eileen” Ou and Charlie “nero” Zwarg. Also, he loves playing his signature hero, Widowmaker, whose signature gun is even called the “Widow’s Kiss.” He loves the game he plays and enjoys every minute of being on the team. Therefore, Happy has to be the best embodiment of a caring and loving friend and teammate on the Charge.

Eileen – Greed

The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins
Image Courtesy of @Eileenzhi1 on Twitter

As a man who plays Doomfist at the Overwatch League level, there’s no doubt Eileen represents Greed. His pension for coming in playing DPS heroes with the rest of his team on GOATS sounds like a very greedy strategy when you think about it. After all, why should he get all the fun? Because he’s greedy that’s why. Regardless, he plays Doomfist extremely well, and secured several map and even series wins off the back of it. And this helped to get him more play time over our next member in the DPS rotation. Eileen may be greedy for that spotlight, but he’s an excellent star on the team who has been shining especially bright as of late.

Kyb – Envy

The curse of all flex dps players in this meta, Finley “Kyb” Adisi’s current predicament of being stuck in “Brig Jail” gives him the title of Envy. While he has not complained as much about it as some other players, there’s no doubt he doesn’t enjoy being stuck on the hero. He also was being fielded as the primary flex DPS for most of Stage 1, yet was relegated to backup after Eileen began playing Doomfist. Of course in reality Kyb is a cheery stand-up guy and supports his team no matter what, but one would have to imagine he has to feel a twinge of jealousy with the current situation.

Rio – Gluttony

The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins
Image Courtesy of GZ Charge Youtube: GZ Main Tank Rio

Seungpyo “Rio” Oh would absolutely be considered the Gluttonous one of the team. However, in this case, it’s that he’s a glutton for punishment. For starters, he plays main tank in a GOATS meta, an extremely difficult challenge. With main tanks being so crucial, they are usually focused down first, and Rio is no exception. Rio’s initial death usually spells out doom for his whole team, and his positioning in particular can feed into it. Yet the tank player has been improving greatly over the stage and his positioning has seriously gotten better. As he takes punishment less and less, his whole team has a far better chance moving forward. Unfortunately for Rio though, anyone who actually plays Wrecking Ball will forever be seen as a glutton.

Hotba – Pride

The second half of the members on this list were much harder to nail down in terms of labels; however for Hongjun “HOTBA” Choi, Pride seemed the best bet. HOTBA is a flex powerhouse, and is one of the only flex-tanks in the league who can play Pharah, Torbjorn and Tracer at a high level. He’s the most experienced veteran on the squad from his time with the Philadelphia Fusion, and was on a team that went to last year’s Grand Finals. Finally, when the team first hit the stadium in Stage 1, HOTBA was the glue that held them together and calmed their nerves. He absolutely should have a lot of pride in his skills, and though he isn’t the oldest, he is a highly competent leader.

Shu – Sloth

The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins
Image Courtesy of Ethan Seftor

Jinseo “Shu” Kim’s usage of Ana is what earns him the title of Sloth for this list. He’s a master of that sleep dart, and has established himself as one of the top off-supports of the league with it. He’s a relatively quiet and calm man on top of that, but that hasn’t stopped him from popping off in a huge way for his team. He was the only Guangzhou player to make All-Star Weekend, and even took several points off of the legendary Byungsun “Fleta” Kim. He’s deadly with the sleep dart and with the discord orb as well, so don’t mess with the Sloth of the Charge.

Chara – Wrath

The Seven Deadly Guangzhou Charge Sins
Images Courtesy of GZ Charge Youtube: GZ Crunch Chinese Snacks

There is truly no logic behind this one. Jungyeon “Chara” Kim is a very nice player, a solid Lucio player and one of best leaders the Charge has to offer. In reality, there was truly nothing else left besides Wrath to put him as. Maybe there is some unknown inner rage within him that would make this pick legitimate.

Keep in mind that these are all just personal opinion and meant to be taken lightheartedly. Please let me know on Twitter if you agree, disagree or have anything to add to the list, or if you’d like more articles like this. Thanks for the read.


Featured Image Courtesy of @GZCharge on Twitter

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