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Overwatch League Recap: Guangzhou Charge vs Seoul Dynasty

Guangzhou Charge 2020 Season Preview

Seoul Dynasty 4 – Guangzhou Charge 0

Both the Guangzhou Charge and the Seoul Dynasty came into today off of hot wins earlier in the week. Seoul looked dominant against the Mayhem, while Guangzhou claimed revenge against Chengdu. Guangzhou looked to continue this forward momentum by beating Seoul today. However, fielding a unique roster variation and preparing heavily for the Charge, this was not a match Guangzhou could take in the end.


Oasis (Seoul 2 – Guangzhou 0)

Guangzhou Charge vs Seoul Dynasty
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On Gardens, the Charge ran a standard 3-3, fielding Yiliang “Eileen” Ou for control. They got the first pick onto Minseo “Marve1” Hwang, opening up the point for the first cap. Guangzhou were pushed off for a bit of time, but overall held until 99% before being forced off by the Dynasty. Seoul took it to 99% themselves, and they engaged in a close brawl in overtime. Ultimately the Charge lost the round.

For University, Eileen going down early gave Seoul the first point. It was another 99-99 battle, and once again it was Seoul who were able to claim the map victory after cleaning up the final battle. This gave Seoul the initial point in the series.


Paris (Seoul 2 – Guangzhou 0)

For Paris’ defense, Guangzhou subbed in Charlie “nero” Zwarg over Eileen and ran a wacky triple dps combo. This features Jungwoo “Happy” Lee on Torbjorn, nero on the Junkrat and Hongjun “HOTBA” Choi on the Pharah behind Seungpyo “Rio” Oh’s Orisa barrier. This unique combination was quickly taken down by a heavy dps comp from Seoul and they lost point A rather easily. For Point B they swapped Happy to Bastion and Hotba to Dva. Despite a good stall out effort, including a well-placed tire from nero, the Charge conceded the point with 3:12 in Seoul’s time bank.

On their offense, the Charge opted for a 3-3 with a Winston. However, they found themselves unable to garner any real success on Point A due to a strong defense out of Seoul. Without even securing a single tick, Guangzhou lost the map.


Hollywood (Seoul 3 – Guangzhou 1)

Guangzhou Charge vs Seoul Dynasty
Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Similarly to their attempt on Paris, Guangzhou’s dps heavy defense on Hollywood immediately fell to Seoul’s dps offense. The Charge changed over to Sombra GOATS and finally gained payload control halfway through B. They stalled for some time, but Seoul pushed strongly after the delay, finishing through the goal of the map.

The offense for Guangzhou was staggeringly slow, and took over 3 minutes to complete, but eventually they opened up A with a kill onto Marve1. The Dynasty held them off for several minutes, forcing the Charge to push B in overtime. Halfway through B, the push was halted by a big bomb from Joonhyeok “Zunba” Kim, winning Seoul the map and series.


Dorado (Seoul 3 – Guangzhou 1)

Guangzhou’s defense went similarly to that of the Chengdu game. They were only able to stabilize for a bit, once near the end of B and once halfway through C. While they burned off a decent amount of time, Seoul dominated most of the map, and finished with over a minute in the time bank. This wouldn’t matter however, as the Charge failed to make it past B on their offensive push. While several good plays were made, usually Guangzhou had enough members picked off to prevent a strong enough offense, and gave Seoul their second 4-0 of the week.



The Charge certainly looked out of their element today, and it was hard to tell that this was the same team as on Thursday. It is undeniable that Seoul prepped hard, and came up with a strategy perfect to counter Guangzhou, but there are definitely things the Charge need to work on. They had the Eileen Sombra strategy idea, and kept relying on it despite its failure to make a big effect. They also would trade their lives for picks onto Seoul numerous times, and then were unable to follow up, losing their advantage. Guangzhou look good when they have the confidence and a winning strategy, but when that begins to fall apart they need to learn to be more flexible. Their remaining Stage 3 games are not unwinnable, but the Charge need to work on these issues to be able to make it to the Stage 3 Playoffs.


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