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Guangzhou Charge: Stage 3 Week 5 Preview

Guangzhou Charge: Stage 3 Week 5 Preview

The Guangzhou Charge have finally reached the final week of the third stage in the league. With two games ahead, there is still a chance for them to reach the stage playoffs no matter how small. Their recent game against the Shanghai dragons showed that the team still needs to work on some issues, yet that they have improved recently. Perhaps the Atlanta Homestand weekend will be the venue for an upset against the Dragons as well as a victory over the Justice. Both would be necessary to get one step closer towards Guangzhou’ first ever playoff appearance.


Week 4 Recap

Shanghai Dragons (4-1) [League 11-8]

The first of the matches against the dragons was certainly a close one at times, but it was clear that Shanghai had the upper hand. Jungwoo “Happy” Lee was ultimately just outclassed by the pure Widowmaker prowess of Minseong “Diem” Bae and the Charge’s triple DPS strat just fell short. However, the Charge kept it close on Oasis, and looked extremely dominant on Hollywood, showing their progress so far in the league.

Player of the Match

Without a doubt, Happy had to have been the player of the match. As soon as Diem was taken out of the lineup Happy absolutely crushed the hitscan role.

Fun Fact

So far in the league, there has never been a time where two teams who played twice in the same stage split the wins. In every case, the team who has won the first matchup has also won the second, usually in even more of a dominant fashion. The Charge will be looking to break this curse in their rematch this very weekend.


Week 5 Homestand Preview

Shanghai Dragons (4-1) [League 11-8]

Despite some big talk on twitter, it seems unlikely that Guangzhou will win this coming match-up. Shanghai will have likely learned that Diem is the ultimate counter, and won’t make the mistake of pulling him out for a map this time around. Unless the Charge can break out some entirely new strategy that will throw the Dragons off their game entirely, it’ll likely just be a repeat of Week 4

Prediction: Shanghai Dragons 4 – Guangzhou Charge 0


Washington Justice (0-5) [League 2-17]

Image Courtesy of @washjustice on Twitter

The Washington Justice have made improvements, yet still sit at the very bottom of the League’s leaderboard. If Guangzhou had not made so many recent additions and improvements this would likely be a far closer match. Yet, Guangzhou being able to take Shanghai on closely has once again shown they are climbing out of the bottom and becoming a mid-table team. Washington have won only a single map all stage and drawn 4, so it’s safe to say the Charge have an edge. The one hiccup is Washington’s unnatural ability to win the last game of each stage, and the Guangzhou match is that match. Hopefully, Guangzhou will break another curse.

Prediction: Guangzhou Charge 3 – Washington Justice 0


Player to WatchGuangzhou Charge: Stage 3 Week 5 Preview

The player to watch this weekend will definitely have to be Happy once again. With two insane widows that he’s going up against, Diem and Corey “Corey” Nigra, as well as a host of excellent Pharah players such as Gihyeon “Ado” Chon and Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang, he needs to keep his sights open. With 4 strong DPS players on the roster, Happy has been the most consistently used one of the bunch. He will need to work well with Charlie “nero” Zwarg and Yiliang “Eileen” Ou in order to finish off the competition.


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