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Guangzhou Charge: Stage 1 Week 2 Preview

Guangzhou Charge 2020

Fans of the Guangzhou Charge had high hopes coming into the first week, but were disappointed by a game 1 loss. Despite taking the Hunters to a map 5, overall perceptions of the Charge have begun to diminish. With a far more grueling schedule ahead this week, the Charge is going to need to have learned a lot from their initial mistakes if they want to avoid being completely blown out.

Week 1 Recap

Chengdu Hunters 1-0

The Charge certainly came into the match as the predicted victor, but when the match was over the teams could not have looked more equal. The Charge had many standout moments and times that several key players popped off. They also showed their comfort on Wrecking Ball and DPS heavy lineups throughout the match. However, when it came to tankier compositions like GOATS or Ou “Eileen” Yiliang on the Sombra variation of it, they looked far more shaky. As Chengdu picked up momentum over the course of the match, the Charge seemed to lose theirs, and they ended up losing the match 3-2.

Player of the Game: Hotba

Coming in as the veteran of the squad, it’s no wonder Hong-Jun “HOTBA” Choi performed insanely well on stage, pulling in several clutch plays to keep his team alive. His ability to flex between D.Va and Tracer in this meta is also a highly valuable skill to have.

Week 2 Preview

Dallas Fuel 1-1

Guangzhou Charge Stage 1 Week 2 Preview
Courtesy of Dallas Fuel

The Fuel may not have put up much of a fight in their first match against the San Francisco Shock, but after seeing their victory against the Seoul Dynasty, the Fuel definitely have a fire lit underneath them. As a result, the Charge’s matchup against Dallas will be a lot harder than anticipated. If a weak Dallas squad shows up and underestimates Guangzhou, they might have a chance. However Dallas can be very good at punishing mistakes and finding weaknesses in their opponent. Regardless, in order to even have a chance at a victory, Guangzhou need to hone in on fixing their mistakes from game 1.

Prediction: Dallas 3 – Guangzhou 1

Vancouver Titans 1-0

Guangzhou Charge Stage 1 Week 2 Preview
Image courtesy of the Vancouver Titans

The Titans played an insanely strong game last week against the Shanghai Dragons, and many are considering them one of the League’s top contenders. It’s very difficult to see the Charge taking a victory here, let alone even a single map. The Charge simply lack the synergy and experience that the Vancouver squad brought with them from contenders. Even if Guangzhou does improve, the Titans are just on a whole other level.

Prediction: Vancouver 4 – Guangzhou 0


Player to Watch: Happy

Guangzhou Charge Stage 1 Week 2 Preview
Image Courtesy of Robert Paul and Blizzard Entertainment

Lee “Happy” Jung-woo is well known for his Widowmaker ability, and the audience was treated to some of it in last week’s game. However, he seemed notably anxious while performing, missing several shots that a pro of his level shouldn’t have missed.

The transition from online play to the Overwatch League stage can be a very tough one, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of for underperforming that first time. However, the key is how quickly he can get accustomed to the stage play. If he begins to really come online as Widowmaker this week, the Charge will look a lot more formidable.


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