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Guangzhou Charge Roster: Support Edition

The support line of the Guangzhou Charge has the most depth and, consequently, the most questions. During the offseason, support players Lizhen “OnlyWish” Chen and Wonjae “Rise” Lee departed from the Guangzhou team. They were replaced by seasoned veteran Alberto “neptuNo” González Molinillo and talented rookie Qi “Wya” Haomiao. Last year, Jungyeon “Chara” Kim and Jinseo “Shu” Kim were the mainstays of the support line. Will they keep their place in the starting lineup, or will the new kids on the block compete for that spot?

Chara: Ol’ Reliable

Guangzhou Charge Chara
Image Courtesy of @GZCharge on Twitter

In the school of main supports, Chara is the quiet kid that never brings attention to himself, but always shows up, does his work and gets good grades. He’s not a flashy play-maker, but he’s dependable and consistent. In addition, he has great synergy within the team, with some history extending even beyond the Guangzhou Charge. Chara, Rio and Happy were all on Korean Contenders team Meta Bellum together, and found themselves in the Top 4 of 2018 Season 2. Chara brings a strong sense of cohesion and reliability to the Guangzhou bunch.

NeptuNo: No. 1 Battle Mercy

NeptuNo is known for his Battle Mercy, but he’s a formidable main support no matter which hero he’s playing. As far as skill goes, he might have a slight edge over Chara. However, it remains to be seen if NeptuNo can achieve the same cohesion with the team. Both of these main support players have different strengths and styles. How the Charge decides to utilize them might be one of the most interesting story-lines of the Guangzhou team during this season. NeptuNo certainly doesn’t seem like a bench-warming player. Will he take Chara’s place as a starter, or perhaps just be subbed in for certain situations?

Guangzhou Charge Shu
Courtesy of @GZCharge on Twitter

Shu: All Aboard the Shu Shu Train

Shu is arguably among the top flex support players in the League. Equal parts deadly assassin and healing savior; having him on the flex support role can be likened to having an extra DPS in the lineup. That’s a scary concept, too, considering how dangerous the Charge’s DPS line is on its own. It’s hard to imagine the Guangzhou Charge without Shu in the starting six. He shouldn’t get comfortable or complacent though, anything is possible in the competitive Overwatch League.

Wya: Where ya at?

Wya is by far the biggest anomaly of the Charge. Every other player on the roster has one very clear role within the team. At first glance, one might think the same of Wya. He’s a backup flex support. This rookie’s contribution might extend beyond that, though, since he used to play the off-tank role as well. It’s very possible that Wya could get play time as flex support, off-tank or even both. Unfortunately, there’s also the chance that he just sits on the bench as a contingency plan.

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