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Guangzhou Charge Roster: DPS Edition

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be the philosophy the Guangzhou Charge went with for their DPS line going into the 2020 season of the Overwatch League. It’s not at all a surprising decision; Jungwoo “Happy” Lee, Yiliang “Eileen” Ou, and Charlie “nero” Zwarg are all very talented and flexible in their roles. Interestingly, many of their heroes overlap, while also being diverse. This will be a great feat of strength for the team when the Hero Pools system makes its way into the Overwatch League in March.


Happy: Hitscan Gosu

Happy is the hitscan player of the Guangzhou team. He shines the most when he can utilize Widowmaker or McCree, and luckily both heroes are currently prominent within the meta. If that trend continues into Week 5 when the Charge finally get to make their 2020 debut, Happy will be happy to dink heads using his signature heroes. Regardless of the meta, however, Happy can slot in. He was extremely versatile during the 2019 season, playing heroes such as Hanzo, Reaper and Sombra as well. 

The Charge can use Happy in nearly any situation. However, the team will be in trouble if he becomes unavailable to them. With the Homestand format this year, sickness and burnout are both looming threats, and Happy is the only hitscan DPS at the team’s disposal. If Eileen and nero as a duo have to face off against an enemy Pharah or Widowmaker, they might struggle to come out on top.


Oveerwatch League
Image Courtesy of Guangzhou Charge Youtube – Know Your Bro

Eileen: Undiscovered Depth

During the 2019 season, when Eileen wasn’t stuck on Brigitte or Zarya because of the GOATS meta, he specialized in Sombra and Doomfist. However, he didn’t get to show off his full range of heroes due to the meta. Prior to joining the Charge, Eileen was part of the Chinese gaming organization LGD Gaming. During that time he played a masterful Genji, as well as playing some Junkrat and of course, Sombra. It’s very possible that Eileen will be able to show off more depth this season, especially with Hero Pools being implemented.

The Guangzhou team has faced a lot of disruption due to the Coronavirus. The team was moved to South Korea to avoid the dangers of the spreading virus. Unfortunately, the Chinese members of the team were unable to join right away due to Visa issues. As of right now, it is unclear whether Eileen has been reunited with the team in South Korea. It may be up to Happy and nero to be the heroes the Charge needs during their initial games.


Nero: The Young Prodigy

Nero didn’t get to play much until Stage 4 last year. This was partially because he didn’t turn 18 until Stage 3 and partially due to the GOATS meta. Once he could finally come in and play his intended role though, he proved to be an explosive force. Nero had to spend a lot of time on Mei thanks to the meta, but he got to really show off on Pharah and Hanzo, as well as a few other heroes.

guangzhou charge 2020
Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

The Charge went 6-1 during Stage 4 and were able to earn a spot in the play-ins. Unfortunately, they were eventually shut out by the Seoul Dynasty. The Guangzhou squad will be looking to surpass last season’s performance, and it’s certainly an achievable goal. With the 2-2-2 Role Lock, and nero being in action all season, the Guangzhou DPS players will be allowed to thrive.


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