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Guangzhou Charge bring back Eileen and Nero

Guangzhou Charge bring back Eileen and Nero

At 12:54pm EST on October 31, the Guangzhou Charge twitter account officially confirmed the return of DPS players Yiliang “Eileen” Ou and Charlie “nero” Zwarg for the 2020 season. Both DPS were expected to re-sign with the Charge for the 2020 season; however, since both were originally listed as team option, the details of their return were not confirmed until today.

This news comes following an earlier set of tweets on October 25 and 26 announcing the return of Seungpyo “Rio” Oh and Jungyeon “Chara” Kim. Rio has been the team’s predominant main tank all season, and who’s Wrecking Ball and Orisa play is extremely skilled. Chara has been their primary main support, but also serves as the team’s captain, shot caller, and oldest member. Both of these players have been under contract since the beginning of the off-season, so their return was a near guarantee. However, seeing that they had not been traded is a relief to fans as well for all they contribute.

Looking Forward

Fans of the Guangzhou Charge have been in dire need of new information for a while. With the only other new information being the departure of Rohit “CurryShot” Nathani on October 30, many fans have wondered what the Charge’s plans for 2020 would be. The Charge have been cryptic so far, but they have stated that more announcements are on the way. Check back to see if more Charge players will be returning throughout the day.


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