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G.O.A.T Brigitte Skin Available February 6-19

Brigitte Goat Skin

The developers of Overwatch truly blessed the community with the announcement that everyone’s favorite support “Brigitte” would be getting a new Skin. Not just any new skin either, but the greatest of all time. A goat skin.

But Actually

No jokes here, this skin is goat themed. Titled to honor the meta that would come to define the game for months. Named for the Contenders team that would discover its unparalleled success, this triple tank/triple support composition would rise to dominate the competitive scene for almost all of 2019.

Brigitte Goat Skin
Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

Love it or hate it, GOATS was on top of the world. No matter the challenger, none could stand before it on the digital field of battle. It led to many feeling alienated by the game, leading the developers to instigate “role lock” going into stage four of the league in 2019. The goats were slain, giving way to the forced lock of 2-2-2 (Two Tanks, Two Supports, Two DPS). DPS players were at last free from “Brig Jail”.

The skin itself features the goat aesthetic merged with a more medieval armor style, with special attention paid to her shoulders, head and shield. Showcasing a strong look, while giving the hero a noble edge. It is available for a limited time from February 6th- February 20th before it enters the vault. Just in time to celebrate the start of the 2020 season of the Overwatch League. Get it while it’s hot, and strike fear into all of those who hate the G.O.A.T.



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