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Florida Mayhem Overwatch

Will the Mayhem Light it up in Washington?

Florida Mayhem victory

Before the Florida Mayhem host their own Homestand they have one more stop; the Homestand of the Washington Justice. Facing their opponent the Toronto Defiant.

Toronto Defiant: 1-3-4

The Mayhem played the NYXL and the Spitfire in week 4 taking a loss on both matches. Up against the Spitfire, they looked really strong, taking it up to a map 5. Making a lot of clutch plays and staying close behind the Spitfire. The Mayhem’s victory is really dependent on which DPS the Defiant decides to play. Both Andreas ‘’Logix’’ Berghmans and Brady ‘’Agilities’’ Girardi are players that if they are in the zone they can pop off. But if it is an off day then they fall below expectations. Lane ‘’Surefour’’ Roberts is a consistent player for the Defiant, but with Widowmaker and McCree out of rotation, it might stirrup things within the DPS pool. Both Surefour and Logix are known for these Heroes. With the hero bans in play, it seems more likely for Agilities to switch between Mei and Doomfist while they have Surefour up on Reaper and Sombra and have Logix up on Tracer and Reaper depending on what map they are playing on.

With the Mayhem and the Defiant both tied at the 11th place in the overall standings, it will take both teams everything they have to beat one another. The Mayhem needs to have a good strategy to counter the Defiant’s DPS players. They will need this in order to get the first picks and get them to eliminate their enemy. The Defiant is leading in the elimination per 10 minutes category while the Mayhem has an advantage in the other three categories. If the Mayhem plays it right they will have a solid counter against the Defiant and will have an easy win.
* The stats below are with a minimum of 60 minutes played & are calculated on all heroes.

Mayhem/Defiant stats

Courtesy of: Stats Lab presented by StateFarm


Prediction: 3-1 Florida Mayhem

Seeing the stats it might look like the Defiant has an advantage over the Mayhem. But the overall stats and team fights might work in favor of the Mayhem. Having Lee ‘’BQB’’ Sangbeom on the top with both Final Blows and Hero Damage, he is towering over Surefour and Agilities. This shows his excellent capability to take down the enemy team with the right setups from his teammates. The Mayhem are also leading with the least deaths per 10 minutes. Stating that they do a better job of staying alive. With the healers of the Mayhem doing a good job to keep their teammates’ health bars up and full.

Player to watch:

The player to watch in this match is BQB. Out of both teams, BQB is the better DPS player compared to Surefour. With the Hero ban going in on March 7, it’s interesting to see what Heroes both DPS players will play. BQB played McCree most of the time over the last few matches, it will be a guess to what Hero BQB will stick for this round of Hero Bans. The questions still remain the same: Will the Mayhem Light it Up in Washington?

Will the Mayhem Light it Up in Washington
Courtesy of: Overwatch, Blizzard



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