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Summer Showdown; Florida Mayhem Edition

Florida Mayhem victory

The Florida Mayhem were up against the Houston Outlaws on the first day on the Summer Showdown. The week before the Mayhem defeated them with a map five game getting that 3-2 win over the Outlaws. What went wrong with the Summer Showdown match? What can the Florida Mayhem do to make sure they won’t lose to the Outlaws again next time they face them?


The Mayhem Caused on Map One.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On, Busan, the first map both Kim ‘’Meko’’ Taehong and Kim ‘’Rapel’’ Jungeun kept dying a lot more than their teammates giving the Mayhem the chance to infiltrate and take down the rest of the Outlaws. Kim ‘’Yaki’’ Jungi being the player standing out the most. Not in only this game but in games over the past few weeks, he kept sticking Pulse Bombs to the enemy and getting the kills the Mayhem needed to win those team fights on Busan’s MEKA Base. With Meko’s Sigma ult ready the Outlaws saw the chance to take down the Mayhem and take control of Busan’s Sanctuary. The fight went back and forth for a bit with the Mayhem in control the point, killing the Outlaws in Overtime to take the win on the first map.

The Outlaws go for Blizzard World

Summer Showdown; Florida Mayhem edition
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Outlaws have a 15-8 record on Kings Row but only 8-9 on Blizzard World. It was an interesting map pick on their side. With the Outlaws still having Jiri ‘’Linkzr’’ Masalin in, the logical strategy would be having him on Widow on offense and Ashe on defense. Ashe on this map with the dynamite can inflict a lot of damage to the enemy team.

However, Yaki was flanking the Outlaws but was unsuccessful. Houston managed to split up the Mayhem and keep pushing the cart forward. Lee ‘’BQB’’ Sangbeom on the high point took some players down slowing down the Outlaws. Yaki inflicts damage giving the Mayhem time to push back the Outlaws, making them switch to the high ground. This move however was unsuccessful switching back to the low ground trying to push the Mayhem off and push the cart to the second point. BQB staying alive and being left alone by the Outlaws made them win the first round. With the Mayhem on defense and Linkzr still on Ashe they took down the Mayhem with Dante ‘’Danteh’’ Cruz and Linkzr flanking them and taking the Mayhem down several times. The Outlaws took Blizzard World with a full hold. The standing being 1-1 now.

Hanamura flowers vs. a lot of Mayhem and Outlaws.

Summer Showdown; Florida Mayhem editionThe current meta fits the Houston Outlaws well, making it harder for the Mayhem to infiltrate and take down their DPS players and thus the rest of the Outlaws. While Genji is a perfect match for Hanamura the Mayhem went with the Ashe & Tracer duo.

Point A was captured by the Mayhem fairly quickly due to unfortunate respawns from Houston. The Mayhem had five minutes left to capture point B with both teams taking the high ground. Linkzr and Danteh took down the Mayhem’s attacks quickly with the help of their teammates’ ults. BQB and Yaki decided to flank and try to take down the respawns of the Outlaws. Giving them the win point B with just under a minute left in their timebank.

With the Mayhem being on the defense now they ran the Ashe and Mei duo versus the Widow and Genji of the Outlaws. Houston also having five minutes in the timebank decided to take the low ground to avoid getting the blizzard and they were successful. The Outlaws defended point B with a whooping 4:28 minute left in their timebank while the Mayhem only had one minute left. BQB changed to Symmetra for their final push, with less than 30 seconds left as they fought their last team fight on point B in overtime they secured the point.

The Mayhem now had to defend for four minutes for them to take a second map win. The Outlaws took point A quickly, going to point B and waiting for the Mayhem to jump on point B and taking them down one by one leaving them with a 2:18 time bank for their last push on offense. Having Linkzr and Danteh on the high ground taking down the Mayhem quick, taking them 2-1 against the Florida Mayhem.

Aperitivo and pasta on Rialto for the Mayhem

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Rialto is the best map pick for the Mayhem because it is a good map for a Tracer and Widowmaker combo. The Outlaws stabilized very quickly. They didn’t give the Mayhem a lot of chances to put down a solid attack. The Outlaws made sure the Mayhem couldn’t push a lot. With Danteh putting out a lot of damage giving the Mayhem a hard time with their fights. Once the Mayhem had the outlaws down they had the chance to push the cart, unfortunately, they didn’t touch the cart giving the first round to the Outlaws easily. The Houston Outlaws only needed 95 meters to win the series and place for the quarter-finals. Whatever the Mayhem tried they could not take down the Outlaws, while they were being picked off one by one. The Outlaws threw the Mayhem off of their game taking the fourth map in what feels like record time.


Conclusion for the Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Courtesy of the Florida Mayhem

After a strong and quick first map, the Mayhem could not get back in their groove. With messy plays and non-effective ult plays they could not get the upper hand on their opponent. While this meta isn’t unknown to the Mayhem at all they didn’t get a grip on their enemy. Making their plays look messy and uncoordinated. For the next time, they face the Outlaws they need to make sure to communicate more. Tell each other when and where they are going to attack, and who they will send in to begin the team fights. Overall the Mayhem didn’t do a bad job, they had mirror comps or Heroes to counter their enemy Heroes. Even though the Mayhem might’ve not been in good shape and lost the Summer Showdown. They will bounce back and be ready for the upcoming matches.


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