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Rivalry Rematch Week 13 Preview for Florida Mayhem

Heading into week 13 the Florida Mayhem will face the Boston Uprising again. Last week the Mayhem defeated the Uprising with 3-0. Will the Florida Mayhem pull another 3-0 or will the Boston Uprising throw off their game.

Boston Uprising: 1-8-9

With the Mayhem going 3-0 in Week 12 they are playing against the Boston Uprising again. The Mayhem played pretty aggressively, making it hard on the Uprising to build up ult percentage. This way Florida built up their own ult percentage quickly and could place them quicker and more efficiently. They played their fights well looking polished and their ult-economy came out to their own benefit. With placing their snipers on the high ground they had a good chance to pick Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse off of the map. Having Kim ‘’Yaki’’ Jungi on the Mei was a good move to stall the Uprising from getting to the point resulting in map wins for the Mayhem.

Prediction: 3-0 Florida Mayhem

If the Florida Mayhem plays like they did last week the chance of them winning this week too is very high. The Hero bans for this week will not affect the Mayhem too much, as their DPS players have big enough Hero pools. Their Tanks are unaffected as are their Support players. As the stats below show the Mayhem are leading in Eliminations per 10 minutes showing that they are faster and more efficient in taking the enemy team down. Although the Boston Uprising are leading with the Final Blows this might not be enough for them to win.

* The stats below are with a minimum of 60 minutes played & are calculated on all heroes.

Rivalry rematch Week 13 preview for Florida Mayhem
STEWART-VOLLAND For Blizzard Entertainment

Player to watch: HaSayaplayer” Jung-woo

Sayaplayer was absent in last week’s match. This might be because he is preparing for Echo. As his main heroes Widowmaker and McCree are banned this week Sayaplayer and Kim ‘’Yaki’’ Jungi Might be duo-ing together as Echo and Mei making for a deadly combination.


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