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Overwatch League Recap: Florida Mayhem vs San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock 4 – 0 Florida Mayhem


This iteration of the Mayhem roster has nothing to lose. They are unsure of their standing within the team with many roster reinforcements on the way to Los Angeles as they play today. With this in mind, the team played some interesting and well put together compositions. The results of each map were impacted by whether or not Florida was able to play DPS heroes on it. If they were, it was a competitive stretch of the map. If they were relegated to playing the GOATS mirror, it was seemingly impossible for the Florida Mayhem to match the Shock. This is why Volskaya Industries and Numbani went to multiple attack rounds, because Florida can play DPS at some stages of those maps. In the end, it was not very close, this was an effortless four map win for the Shock.


(San Francisco Shock 2 – 0 Florida Mayhem)

The fir

st point of Nepal was close between these two teams. Perhaps only because the Shock were completely boggled by the composition that Florida Mayhem ran on this map. Florida opted to forego a main tank and a flex support in order to run five DPS. A composition that according to Overwatch League statistician ‘CaptainPlanet’, has never been played before. Mayhem was able push the Shock off of the point three times, however it was Mr Reliable GOATS that triumphed in the end. The Shock took Nepal Village 100% to 88% because of the sheer sustain they had on the point.

On the second stage of this map, it was a little more standard from the Mayhem. Both teams showcased their standard Winston GOATS and where this series was a mirror, the San Francisco Shock looked oppressive and dominant like no other. This stage of Nepal was not close, and the Mayhem did not look like they were going to win any one of the team fights on this map. The Shock took an early and relatively easy 1-0 in the series.

Volskaya Industries

(San Francisco Shock 3 – 2 Florida Mayhem)

The San Francisco Shock didn’t deviate from their 3-3 composition much at all during this series. It was again this composition that dominated on this map. Both the Mayhem and the Shock finished with incredibly fast times on point A. However, on the second point where DPS compositions are very hard to shoehorn in to play, the Shock found their stride. Shock rolled through the second point quite effortlessly, finishing with 6:28 left in the timebank. Florida also managed to capture the second point but with a little less than a minute left.

On the second round of attacks, Florida played another DPS composition. However, with such a small amount of time left they were unable to get any traction on the point. There were eventually pushed off of point A with only a tick of progress. The shock had close to seven minutes to capture the first point. However, they only needed a seventh of their time to take this map and go up two maps to nil.


(San Francisco Shock 4 – 3 Florida Mayhem)

Numbani has been a surprisingly good map for Florida so far this stage. In fact, they have not been held for longer than a minute on the first point of Numbani this stage. They absolutely demolished the Eternal on Numbani last week, and it looked to be again promising in this match. The Shock did capture all three points on their attack with just over three minutes left. However the Mayhem did not do too much noticeably wrong here, they were simply outclassed.

The Mayhem again looked good on first point attack, Seong “Byrem” Joo-lee looked legitimately good on Tracer. Florida did manage to push through all three points themselves but with a considerably smaller time bank.

Florida Mayhem
2019-06-06 – Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Playoffs / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

On the second round of attacks, the Mayhem again easily took the first point of Numbani. Although the Mayhem is again forced onto a GOATS mirror on the streets phase of Numbani and just cannot push through the Shock. The Shock does not take the first point as easily, but just have so much time left after their first push through Numbani. Another underwhelming climax to a map in this series, the Shock easily pushed the Payload to where the Mayhem left it. Both Numbani and Volskaya went to multiple rounds but didn’t feel close. After this map, Shock cannot lose the series and went up 3-0.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

(San Francisco Shock 3 – 0 Florida Mayhem)

It’s somewhat hard to write a recap for a series such as this. There was no defense for the Mayhem. The Shock was playing without any competition on this map, really. On a map such as this, Florida feels as though they have to play GOATS. It really is night and day for Florida. Every stretch of a map in which they do not have to play GOATS, they were legitimately competitive with the Shock.

It was the Shock who took this map very easily, holding the Mayhem before the first point in what could be described of the Mayhem as a cyclic process of bashing their heads against a brick wall.


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