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Overwatch League Recap: Florida Mayhem vs. Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal 3 – 0 Florida Mayhem

It’s easy to say these matches do not matter for Florida as they are in the process of re-creating their roster. However, it’s still tough to watch this team, not because they aren’t lovable, because they are. But because the Overwatch they play can be so strong sometimes, but is let down by comically terrible mistakes sometimes. Regardless, Florida did put forth a pretty good performance in the final two maps in this series.

Nepal (Paris Eternal 2 – 0 Florida Mayhem)

Nepal was a display of quite shaky Overwatch from the Florida Mayhem. On the first map of Nepal, it was a compositional mirror, Zenyatta GOATS. It was surprising to see no Sombra being played by Florida, as that is an identity they were seeming to create for themselves. Sombra is also becoming more and more important in this metagame. Lee “BQB” Sang-bum was really struggling on Zarya on Nepal, being constantly out-damaged by the opposing Zarya. It was an easy 100% to 0 stage for the Eternal.

Courtesy of Gamepedia.

The second map of Nepal was not a complete steamroll. It was quite close to a steamroll, however. The Mayhem started on a triple DPS composition against the Eternal’s Mei composition. A long, drawn out fight which resulted in a team fight loss for Florida, caused them to switch off to a basic 3-3 composition. Over the course of this round, Florida lost two team fights when they had the superior Ultimate bank and BQB whiffed an awful Graviton Surge. It was an easy map for Paris.

Horizon: Lunar Colony (Paris Eternal 5 – 4 Florida Mayhem)

This map was a GOATS mirror all the way through, with some Ana being played. On Paris’ attack, it was an absolute rout. There was no defence to slow down the attack, and Paris finished with over five minutes on the clock. However not to be outdone, the Mayhem completed their attack with an even greater timebank. Both teams seemingly allowed the attack to roll over the top of them.

Both Paris and Florida managed to finish their attacks on this map again, making it four points to four. However, the Mayhem finished their attack in overtime. Seong “Byrem” Joo-lee was substituted in for this map and looked very good. Byrem did not appear in the kill feed often, but he managed to output a good amount of damage. Florida had the larger timebank going into this map, however, BQB again struggled on Zarya. He had a crucial Graviton Surge eaten, and his other Ults were not able to be capitalized on.

Although Florida managed to keep this map a lot closer than the first, Paris was able to put together a more solid defense in the end to take this map.

Numbani (Florida Mayhem 1 – 0 Paris Eternal)

Florida put together an incredible defense on Numbani. There will be no memeing on this team here, it was genuinely great play from Florida. However it was helped by Paris who were incredibly stubborn on their

Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

attack, playing with one support and four DPS for the entire attack. Florida was able to easily exploit the lack of healing on the other side and put together clean dives. Koo “Fate” Pan-Seung looked good on Winston here, he looks much more comfortable on this hero.

On attack, Byrem played tracer and BQB was on Sombra. These were the only two players who mattered on this attack. Byrem opened with a pick onto one of the Paris supports and then dove onto the rest of the already cowering Paris team in the back corridor of the point. BQB cleaned up the point beside Byrem. This was an extremely dominant map for Florida, surprisingly so.

Havana (Paris Eternal 3 – 2 Florida Mayhem)

The Florida Mayhem and losing Havana in upsetting fashion, name a more iconic duo. Florida looked great on their attack, BQB was again relieved of his Zarya duties and was able to play his great Sombra. Xepher was also able to play Zarya, a hero he seems more comfortable on than D.Va. Jo “HaGoPeun” Hyeon-woo was substituted back in for this map and promptly began to slay on Ana. Florida pushed quite confidently through first and second points on Havana with some resistance just before completing that second point. They were halted before third, due only to Paris’ superior Ultimates.

Florida again played their notorious Mei Bastion composition on defense. However, this time Xepher was on Bastion and HaGoPeun was on Mei. It may have worked well against Seoul, but it was well thwarted by Paris. Florida put together more convincing defenses just before and after the capture of the second point. When Florida can cycle between EMP and Graviton Surge they become a very dangerous team. Florida spawn camped Paris for a minute or so because of this. Being spawn camped by Florida must be somewhat demoralizing for Paris. Alas, they did not let it get to them and they pushed it convincingly to the end.

This is the second Havana game in a row where Florida had a great opportunity to win. In both of these matches, it looked liked Florida took their foot off the gas pedal in the final fight, just passively regressing toward their spawn.


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