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Overwatch League Recap: Florida Mayhem vs. Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign 4 – 0 Florida Mayhem

The first match of the season was a tough one for the Florida Mayhem, taking a 4-0 Loss to the Atlanta Reign. With many fans anticipating a close match, they were greeted with an all out whirlwind of Atlanta talent. There was a distinct lack of Sayaplayer in the match with TviQ and bqb as the starting DPS line. Big plays from the Tank line gave the Mayhem hope, but ultimately would fall short in the end. Here is the Florida Mayhem Week 1 Day 2 recap.


Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Ilios was a showcase of the raw talent that Atlanta Reign is bringing to the Overwatch League this season. A decisive victory early on Well established a foothold for the Reign to claim the map, with the amazing DPS from dafran’s Torbjorn. The Reign continued their dominance into Lighthouse where dafran’s Sombra and Erster’s Pharah controlled the pathways uncontested. Mayhem would show a weaker side of their map knowledge and struggle to turn the point in their favor. With the advantage clearly showing for Atlanta, the Mayhem would need to pull of a huge gain on Hollywood to even the series.


Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Hollywood would prove better for the Mayhem on the attack, with big plays from the Tank line of SWON and Xepher. However, the Mayhem would fall short of point B and would end their attack there. The Reign would take the point A on their first attack and swiftly begin their march down main street. Key plays from Gator would allow the Reign to advance mostly uncontested through the reminder of the map. The Mayhem would hold strong with plays from TviQ but would ultimately lose the map. At the half, Florida would trail 0-2, hoping that the second half would work better in their favor.


Image Courtesy of Bliazzard Entertainment

After half-time, the teams would find themselves on Volskaya Industries. The Mayhem would come up big on their first attack with taking both Point A and Point B on their first pushes. Atlanta’s first push would result in a quick capture of Point A, but it would take a few pushes to break the Mayhem defense on Point B. Both teams would get another attack with Atlanta taking both points with time left on the clock. The Mayhem would struggle but would also take both points, but unfortunately would do so in Overtime. The Mayhem would fail to take a single tick on their final attack, paving the way for Atlanta to take the map and the series as their first victory in the Overwatch League.


Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

With map 4, the main goal for both teams would be to gain points for their overall Map Differential. A slow start for the Mayhem resulted in two team fights to cap Point A. With strong Tank defense from Atlanta, the Reign were able to stall the payload just short of the final curve to Point B. Atlanta then turned their attack into a swift shutout to an already victorious series. With Route 66 under their belt, Atlanta Reign held a higher Map Differential and would secure their first win of the Overwatch Season. Florida currently sits as the only team to be completely shut out by their opponent this week with a 4-0 Loss. However the future looks bright as Florida continues to practice and prepare to face the Philadelphia Fusion and Chengdu Hunters next week.


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