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Mayhem vs. Titans 2.0 week 14 Preview

After the Vancouver Titans dropped their roster they announced the new players one day before their first match as the ‘Titans 2.0.’ On their second day, they are up against the Florida Mayhem. Fans are excited to see what the Mayhem will do against the Titans and how they will adapt to secure a win for the second time in a row.

Vancouver Titans: 2-3

Mayhem vs. Titans 2.0
Courtesy of the Vancouver Titans

Last week the Mayhem won 3-0 against the Boston Uprising for the second in a row. This week however they are up against a whole new Vancouver Titans. The last time the Titans played was a month ago against the Chengdu Hunters. They lost that match 3-1. After their last game, they let go of their RunAway roster together with Ryu ‘’RyuJehong’’ Jehong and Beak ‘’Fissure’’ Chanhyung, to then pick up a new all T2 roster. In their first match as a new team, they played against the Washington Justice, going 1-3. They had messy fights on both sides throughout the whole game. The Titans need to make sure they are on the same page. They got picked individually a lot, some misplaced mechanical skills and ults being used but not getting any kills off of them. Even though this happened often they had some solid plays as well and were able to get one map from the Justice.

Prediction: Mayhem 3-1

The prediction for the Mayhem is to win this match. The Titans have just played one match as this newly released roster. With messy plays and poor communication might not be washed up against the Mayhem. If the Mayhem executes their ults and support plays at the right time. It might be enough for them to pick off the Titans. If we see a similar game as the previous one the Mayhem can take advantage of that and use it for their own benefit. The Titans used the dive comp a lot, using ults and aggressive plays but with no kills, this can be just the thing for the Mayhem to take advantage of and secure themselves of another win.

Player to watch: Abtin ‘’Shredlock’’ Shirvani

In the first match with the Vancouver Titans, Shredlock showed some solid plays in the form of good timing and a good sense of the game. He is a dangerous player, if he and his teammates can get on the same page.

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