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Florida Mayhem Player Profile: BQB

This player profile is for Lee ‘’BQB’’ Sungbeom, born on July 3, 1998, in Yongin, South-Korea. Before he joined the Mayhem as their DPS, BQB was a pro player with X6 Gaming in Overwatch APEX Season 4 and in Season 1 Overwatch Contenders Korea 2018. Most of BQB’s teammates joined the Hangzhou Spark while he joined the Florida Mayhem. The major accomplishment of BQB is placing first in 2018 Season 1 of the Overwatch Contenders Korea. BQB has been part of the Mayem since the 2018 Season as their DPS player specializing in mainly McCree and Widowmaker. 

Signature Heroes

BQB’s most picked Heroes are Widowmaker, McCree, Sombra, Tracer and Hanzo. BQB showcased his skills with those Heroes on his previous team. However, his Tracer and Widowmaker are what he was known for in the 2019 season of the Overwatch League. BQB did a Sombra 101 crash course for the Mayhem on their YouTube channel.

What can BQB do for the Mayhem?

With a new and uncertain meta in the 2020 Season, you can only know for sure the 2-2-2 will be in play. With the Hero ban on top of it, this makes for an interesting Season for most DPS players within the League. BQB does have a big Hero pool. This makes him a versatile player, making it so he can be subbed in whenever they might need his Hero of expertise. From what the Mayhem showed the fans thus far in the 2020 Season, BQB has a well-practiced McCree. He will be subbed in for Ha ‘’Sayaplayer’’ Jungwoo when the Mayhem needs him to. On Lijiang Tower, he mirrored Lee ”Capre” Jaehyeok who was on Symmetra. This showed the fans the versatility of BQB. Both players switched between McCree and Symmetra on this map.

2020 Season for BQB

Florida Mayhem BQB
Overwatch League 2020 Season2020-02-16 / Photo: BEN-PURSELL For Blizzard Entertainment

While the season has just started, BQB already showed a versatile and strong Hero pool. The Mayhem went 3-0 with a clean sweep against the Houston Outlaws on their first match of the 2020 season. If BQB keeps practicing his skills, aim and mechanics of the game, his expertise on some of those Heroes can’t be missed. The Hero ban has not been applied yet. Fans are anxiously anticipating what BQB and the Mayhem will pull out of the trick box. What will they do to get to the finish line and claim the victory the team definitely deserves. Keep an eye out for BQB and the Heroes he plays on. Are they going to be a mirror of his enemy? Or will he outsmart his enemy with another pick? 


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