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Florida Mayhem Overwatch

Florida Mayhem Homestand: Will They Win?

Boston Uprising Stage 4 Week 4

It’s the week of Bringing the Mayhem. This week it’s the turn of the Florida Mayhem to have their first-ever Homestand in Miami. Will the Mayhem Light it Up and destroy their opponents?

Paris Eternal: 4-2-6

The Mayhem have not played against the Paris Eternal yet this season. While the Eternal were defeated by the Outlaws with 0-3. They simultaneously beat the best team, up until now, in the league with 3-2. Terence ‘’Soon’’ Tarlier and Jung ‘’Xzi’’ Kihyo are the staple DPS players for the Eternal. In previous seasons Soon was their Tracer specialist. With last weeks Hero Bans both Soon and Xzi have been playing, either as a duo together or with Nicholas ‘’Nicogdh’’ Moret. After the loss against the Outlaws, the Eternal put Soon and Xzi together resulting in a win against Philidelphia Fusion. Having these two DPS players side by side could form a threat to the Florida Mayhem. In week 5 Soldier: 76 and Sombra are banned in the Hero Pool. Making it a well-known possibility for Soon and Xzi to go up against the Florida Mayhem’s DPS line.

The Paris Eternal and the Florida Mayhem are in the fifth and ninth place respectively. Making them quite the competition for each other. While the Eternal are leading with Eliminations, Final blows and healing their teammates the Mayhem are doing a better job staying alive. It is a curse for the Mayhem DPS players to have Widowmaker and McCree back in play. Soon can shut down Genji with his Tracer flashbang making it harder for Kim ‘’Yaki’’ Jungi to play while we may see a McCree 1 v. 1 withLee ‘’BQB’’ Sangbeom and Xzi.
* The stats below are with a minimum of 60 minutes played & are calculated on all heroes.

Courtesy of: Stats Lab presented by StateFarm

Prediction: Paris 3-2

Stats wise the Paris Eternal are looking better than the Florida Mayhem. With the new Hero bans in play, the Mayhem could play their normal routine, making it a tough time for the Eternal, not letting them go with a clean sweep. If the Mayhem are able to shut down the Tanks of the Paris Eternal they can make it a close match. The Mayhem boys better give it their all, else Coach Kim ”Kuki” Daekuk might take away their ramyeon.

Player to watch:

The player to watch for this match is the Paris Eternal’s Soon. While not shown in the list of the Stats Lab ‘Rate Ranks’, Soon is one of the Season Leaders in ‘Hero Damage.’ Compared to his counterpart, BQB on the Mayhem.

Boston Uprising: 1-4-5

In the 2018 Season of the Overwatch League the Florida Mayhem were at the bottom of the power ranking list, while the Boston Uprising were doing quite well. Now the scripts have flipped and the young upstart of the Mayhem is waltzing over the Uprising. Placing the Mayhem above the Uprising. The team of the Boston Uprising have not shown their full potential, having lost 4 out of their 5 games. Having Min ”Jerry” Taehee on their team proves to be a good move, even good enough to let their third DPS player Byeon ‘’Munchkin’’ Sangbeom go. Knowing he would not be put in over either Jerry or Kelsey ‘’Colourhex’’ Birse. With the Hero bans in play, Jerry would make a turn to Tracer or Widowmaker while Colourhex can play Widowmaker & Hanzo with a possibility to move to Genji or Pharah. The Mayhem can easily mirror and counter these Heros.

Florida Mayhem Homestand: Will they win?
Courtesy of: Stats Lab presented by StateFarm

According to the stats of ‘Stats Lab’ Jerry excels with both the Emilinations and Final Blows. But without proper team fights those stats are only numbers on the board. If the Mayhem are in the right headspace with the right conditions they run like a well-oiled machine, picking off players left and right. The Mayhem are leading with having 3 players in the top 5 Healing done per 10 minutes. Keeping the team alive for longer than the Uprising. Combine this with well-placed ults and a solid game strategy and the Mayhem should be able to deliver another win. Putting their wins up from two to 3.
* The stats below are with a minimum of 60 minutes played & are calculated on all heroes.

Prediction: 3-0 Florida Mayhem

This match should be a relatively easy one for the Mayhem. Winning 3-0 against the Uprising, maybe not a clean sweep but a sweep it should be. The Uprising had a poor showing so far in season 3, while the Mayhem made sure their opponent wouldn’t get away with a clean sweep. Winning at least one game on each map they play.

Player to watch:

Florida Mayhem Homestand: Will they win?
Overwatch League 2020 Season2020-02-16 / Photo: STEWART-VOLLAND For Blizzard Entertainment

The player to watch this match Florida Mayhem’s Off-Tank Lee ‘’Gargoyle’’ Beomjun. With Winston being banned his teammate Krayan might be out for this week. Meaning Koo ‘’Fate’’ Panseung and Gargoyle are likely to team up together. Making a solid base and protect their teammates. Gargoyle had some breakup performances. If he plays as he played in previous matches like against the Defiant the Florida Mayhem will have a chance sweeping the Boston Uprising.

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