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Florida Mayhem Week 12 Preview: Has the Team Found Some Form?

Florida Mayhem victory

The Florida Mayhem is one of the most inconsistent teams in the league right now. Though, luckily for them, between hero pools and having to play matches online, there is not a single team that seems to be consistent. After a strong showing against Paris Eternal last week, the Mayhem will play just one match this week against the Boston Uprising and look to secure back-to-back victories for the first time this season.

Boston Uprising: 20th position, 1 Win – 7 Losses

The Boston Uprising has seemingly failed to recapture the success of their 2018 squad. That success was found with a rag-tag group of veterans and rookies that weren’t paid much mind heading into the season. After losing those players, the team has repeatedly attempted to force the same template for success onto different players, with little to show for it. In 2020, the Uprising has managed to unearth a new fan favourite in Min “Jerry” Tae-hee, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the skills required to carry the team in-game. To illustrate just how poorly they are performing, they have played just two games against teams in the top half of the ladder, most of their losses have been to other bottom dwellers.

Prediction: Florida Mayhem 3 – 0 Boston Uprising

As stated above, this league is a bit topsy-turvy and as such, there is no assurance that any team are certain to win. In saying that, on paper, this match should be a shoo-in for the Mayhem.

The Uprising is on a six-match loss streak, only winning a handful of maps. A key reason is the shaky performances by their off-tank, Thomas “Brussen” Brussen. In league-wide stats, Brussen is consistently ranked lower in eliminations per 10 minutes and in final blows per 10 minutes. It is somewhat unfair to place sole blame on any one player on a team that has struggled as badly as Boston has, however, coming up against Lee “Gargoyle” Beom-jun this week could really highlight Brussen’s weaknesses. Gargoyle towers over his counterpart in the stats line below and has really shown himself to be among the better Sigma and D.Va players in the league.

The hero pools or map selection does not favour either one of these teams in particular. However, it may be quite the boon for the Uprising that Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth can play Reinhardt instead of Orisa, who is banned this week.

Courtesy of: Stats Lab presented by StateFarm

Player to Watch:

Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo has been mysteriously absent from the Mayhem roster this year, with most of his playtime going to BQB. But with Widowmaker back in the hero rotation this week, and the team facing off against a weaker opponent, what better time than now to give the fans what they want — Sayaplayer on Widow. Of course, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up – it’s more than likely to be another week of Mei and Reaper. *Sigh*.

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