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Florida Mayhem steadily improving in stage two

Florida Mayhem

The Florida Mayhem have been one of the worst teams in Overwatch League since the start of the season. For stage two expectations were low once again. They kicked off week three of stage two pushing the Houston Outlaws to game five, then took game five against the Dallas Fuel. Strong play propelled them to a 3-1 victory against the Los Angeles Valiant. The confidence continued in a 2-1 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Florida Mayhem Finally Communicating

Florida Mayhem
Courtesy of Robert Paul

Throughout stage one, the Mayhem looked one step removed from each other. CWoosH would go in and find himself on his own, no support and no off-tank to help sustain. The DPS looked like they were adjusting to new roles, with Logix’s play on Tracer looking a step-below other Tracer players. This all changed in stage two, week three, match one. The Mayhem came out and capitalized on recent iffy play by the Outlaws to take the first two maps.

They went in together, they protected support, and Logix was on fire. His Tracer play finally returned to the form we once knew, and when CWoosH jumped in, Logix was there to clean up the supports. There’s no doubt that since stage two has started, and the Mayhem did away with their comical entrances, that they’ve been much more consistent in their play. They look like an organized, deadly team that no one should be sleeping on anymore.

Logix in Contender Form

Florida Mayhem
Source Overwatch

While the Mayhem would drop their contest against the Outlaws in a tense game five, they carried their momentum to defeat the Fuel, and then crushed the Valiant. The Fuel game was tense, going to a game five once again, but learning from their recent defeat the Mayhem got the win. In a battle between bottom teams, it was exciting, but many thought that the Mayhem were far outmatched against the Valiant for week four.

They came out and they crushed the Valiant. Mayhem went up 2-0 into half-time, and it looked like the Valiant had no answer to the duo of Tviq and Logix. The only game the Valiant won, a 1-0 full-hold on Hollywood, was a game Logix didn’t play. Zappis came in, and he looked good. Just not Logix good. Many were wondering where the Logix of Contenders went, well he’s found his way back and is tearing up the OWL.

To end week four the Mayhem lost to the Gladiators. They took one of the strongest looking teams to 2-1. It was a back-and-forth contest that seemed like it could go either way. Although they weren’t able to secure another win, the future looks bright for the Mayhem so long as Logix continues to contend.

In other news, the Shanghai Dragons’ recent additions are expected to enter the U.S. by the end of the month. This means they will not enter stage two for the Dragons, but will have a decent amount of practice time. The wait for Geguri, already a fan favorite, is almost over.

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Featured image courtesy of Robert Paul and Blizzard Entertainment

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