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Florida Mayhem Overwatch

Florida Mayhem Player Profile: Sayaplayer

Boston Uprising Stage 4 Week 4

This player profile is for Ha ‘’Sayaplayer’’ Jungwoo, born on July 29, 1998, in Busan South-Korea. Before he joined the Mayhem as their DPS, Sayaplayer was a pro player with Meta Athena in Overwatch APEX and Overwatch Contenders Korea. Sayaplayer and Kris were teammates within Meta Athena before they joined the Florida Mayhem. His major accomplishment was placing first in Overwatch APEX Challengers Season 2 in 2016. Sayaplayer has been part of the Mayhem since the 2018 Season as a DPS player.

Signature Heroes

Sayaplayer’s signature Heroes are Widowmaker and McCree. While he does an amazing job on McCree and other Heroes like Hanzo, Soldier: 76 and Tracer. Sayaplayer’s Widomaker is what he is known for the most. His Widowmaker plays are considered to be some of the best

What can Sayaplayer do for the Mayhem?

With a new and uncertain meta in the 2020 Season, we only know for sure the 2-2-2 will be in play. With the Hero ban on top of it, this will make for an interesting season for Sayaplayer. He will have to prove himself to be the versatile Hitscan player he is. If he can play the right Heroes and land the right headshots his plays can make or break team fights and ultimately lead to a win or a loss for the team.

2020 Season for Sayaplayer

Florida Mayhem Sayaplayer

Courtesy of the Florida Mayhem

This season isn’t like any other season we have seen. In this 2020 Season, Hero bans will be in play. This means that there will be 1 Support, 1 Tank and 2 DPS Heroes banned for a certain amount of time. If one or both Heroes he plays are banned they either have to resource to other players or make him pick up more Heroes. Nonetheless, this 2020 Season will be an interesting one to watch. Keep an eye out for Sayaplayer’s Widowmaker.


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