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Flight or French: LA Valiant Summer Showdown Week Three Preview

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After the best matchup of the entire NA Summer Showdown, the Valiant returned for another interesting matchup. While it shouldn’t be a barn burner like last week, this match is closer than it is at face value. Two talented teams playing each other usually leads to a good matchup, and this is no exception. Here is this week’s LA Valiant Preview

LA Valiant vs Paris Eternal Preview

paris eternal
Photo Courtesy for Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment.

This week’s matchup features another team that was not thought highly of before the season. While the Valiant’s roster was just full of unknowns, the Eternal were low for a completely different reason. When it came to the Eternal, it was because they had lots of known quantities. Players like Nosmite, Benbest, Nico, Greyy and Hyp were considered not good. Credit to the Rush and the rest of the Eternal coaching staff for proving everyone wrong. Benbest and Nosmite do not look anything like they did last season. Even people like Nico have reached new heights in this updated roster. With two extremely talented rosters, anything can happen.

2019-08-25 – Overwatch League 2019 – LA Valiant Homestand / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Both of the tank lines are about even. Hanbin is likely a better off tank than McGravy, but Dreamer is the better main tank between the both teams. This game likely won’t be lost in the tanks. RaiN and FDGod have both performed very well this season and there is not much of a difference there. Then in the flex support Fielder and Lastro are both very close, but Lastro likely gets the nod by a smidge. The DPS lines are the key to the matchup.

Matchup To Watch: The DPS Dance

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Valiant

Both of these teams have very good support lines, both have pretty good off tanks, and have good players at main tank. The biggest difference any single player can make is on the DPS role. The most likely matchup is Xzi and Sp9rk1e will go up against KSP and Shax. This matchup is full of mechanically skilled players. Xzi and KSP are the two best hitscan rookies in all of OWL this year, with Edison not far behind. Meanwhile the young phenom Sp9rk1e will likely be up against the best tracer in the world, Shax. If they go with a dive composition, KSF may see some playtime, but KSP’s Genji is not bad at all. The Genji buffs will finally be live this week. This means Sp9rk1e and the rest of the Eternal could run a Genji dive comp and potentially wreak havoc. Whichever DPS lines pops off more likely wins this match for their team and that makes for an exciting Overwatch.

Prediction: LA Valiant Win 3-2

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