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Five Ways to Improve Your Lucioball Game

copa lucioball

One of the most exciting parts of Overwatch’s Summer Games is the return of the fan-favorite Lucioball mode. For those that have not yet played, imagine Lucioball as Overwatch’s take on Rocket League, but with Lucio instead of cars.

Because there isn’t really a “meta” in Lucioball, here are some tips and tricks that should help players of all ranks to level up their performance on the digital pitch.

Be a Nuisance

One thing players often get caught in is the temptation to allow the two goalies to hit long balls back and forth with no contention. However, at higher ranks, players begin to use the jump pads on offense to attempt to break up the enemy team’s clearance. This is precisely the correct move.

If a player is on offense and they want to be pesky, use the jump pads and wallride while the goalie is setting up a clearance. If possible, time your jump with the clearance and try to change the trajectory of the ball while it’s still in the air. Players usually line up their shots with no issue while in goal but if you can disrupt that, it can lead to some great plays. In short, just don’t be afraid to get in the other teams face and make it as hard as possible for them to clear the ball.

copa lucioball

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Only one in Goal

On the other end of the field, it can be tempting to stack multiple players in goal, especially when being pressured. Try to resist this temptation, if possible. Having two players back is problematic for multiple reasons. First, the two players shots will usually conflict with one another. This can absolutely botch a clearance and give the enemy team a chance to counter.

Second, it leaves little pressure on the enemy team. Only having one player up is not enough to score many goals and will give the enemy team the ability to line up shot after shot. Even with a sizeable lead, it’s better to keep the pressure up and make their shots as difficult to take as possible.

Don’t Chase the Ball

This same principle applies to soccer and basketball. In each, just chasing the ball around won’t do players much good, instead, go where the ball will likely end up. For the goalie, this is pretty simple: just stay in the goal. But, for the other two players, it can be a bit more tricky.

Usually, if a ball is cleared off of one of the side walls, it will rest somewhere around the middle of the pitch. Have one player position there to snag those deflections and potentially even steal a goal in the process. The remaining player should stay neat the jump pads closest to the opponent’s goal. This will give them a position to better harass the keeper and send shots back to the midfielder waiting in the wings. Leave the balls in the back 1/3 of the field for the goalie to handle.

copa lucioball
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Ultimates: How to Use Them and How to Counter Them

Using an Ultimate: The only bad time to use an ultimate is if you’re in goal without someone coming back to cover for you. Otherwise, look for moments where either the other team’s goalie is coming out or the ball is in the middle of the field uncontested. It’s also never a bad idea to crack an ultimate if the kick-off is at midfield and you are one of the two players positioned closest to it.

Countering Ultimates: This is a little bit trickier. If an enemy team pops an ultimate the best thing a player can do it hit the ball in the air. Essentially, the more time the ball spends flying around is less time the ulting player can control it on the ground and form an attack. Don’t stack players in goal or use an ultimate of your own to counter. Just be patient and keep the ball away from the enemy as much as possible.

Just Have Fun

In the end, Lucioball is a fun and relaxing getaway from ranked. Have fun playing above all else and communicate with teammates. Getting told “nice shot” after putting one in the upper 90’s is a pretty great feeling. Use it as a space to enjoy the summer games and earn some points towards those golden weapons. Also, don’t forget to keep track of the weekly mini-challenges to earn this season’s Epic skins.


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