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Eye In The Sky: Looking At The Valiant’s Rest of Season Schedule

After the Valiant’s 1-1 week to start the Countdown Cup, it is time to look at what the future holds for the team. Specifically, it is time to look at their schedule to close the season. After all, this team is on the precipice of getting a bye into the top eight. The rest of the season, including the Countdown Cup, are important to this team’s fate. Here is a look at the Valiant’s remaining schedule.

7/31 vs Houston Outlaws 

Houston Outlaws Preview
Image Courtesy of Houston Outlaws

This one will be fun to watch. Both teams have good support lines, underrated main tanks, and DPS lines that feature at least one top tier player. How many duels can be more entertaining than KSP, KSF and Shax versus Danteh, Linkzr and Blase? Not many. This match is not only fun, but hard to read. It could end in a 3-0 either way or be a five maps classic. The Valiant have two whole wees to prepare, so time will tell.

8/2 vs Philadelphia Fusion

Image Clip Courtesy of the Philadelphia Fusion

This matchup will most likely be a loss at the end of the Countdown Cup. The Fusion have lost twice all season during non-playoff matches. They are never the best team in any given meta, but they are one of the best. The Carpe vs KSP matchup will be one of the most interesting and anticipated matchups for fans to see. There is also a mini Tam UK rivalry of KSP vs Boombox, ChrisTFer and Funnyastro in this matchup. The Valiant likely claim a map, but not much more.

8/16 vs Florida Mayhem

New York Excelsior v Florida Mayhem
Photo by STEWART-VOLLAND for Blizzard Entertainment

The last time these two teams played it was one of the most electric matchups of the season. The match may have ended in a 3-1 Valiant win, but it was closer than the scoreline says. The Valiant managed to clutch up in the moments that mattered. This is the definition of a 50/50 matchup. This could be an absolutely fire matchup given the right meta or it could just be average. This is too close to call.

8/22 vs Vancouver Titans

Vancouver Titans Week 24
Courtesy of the Vancouver Titans.

This is by far the easiest match left this season. While the Titans have clearly shown signs of improvement, they should not be able to matchup with the Valiant. Carcar, Dalton and KSAA are all very talented but the Valiant can match them a player of a similar or higher talent level. KSP should easily be able to outmatch the likes of Dalton and Shockwave on Hitscan while the duo of KSF and Shax can fill any complimentary role better than the Titans. This is the only match that can be confidently marked as a win.

8/23 vs LA Gladiators

2019-09-05 – Overwatch League 2019 Season / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Is there a more fitting match to close out the regular season than the Battle For LA? That’s right, the last game of the 2020 OWL Regular Season is Shields Up versus Wings Out. As of now, these two teams seem to be headed for a collision course. The Gladiators are one of the two teams that has a chance to snatch the fifth seed in playoffs from the Valiant. Being the fifth seed in NA is very significant right now. The top five teams avoid play-ins and are immediately sent to the playoff bracket. With the Gladiators and Reign currently one and two wins behind respectively, fifth seed is anyone’s game. This match could easily send one team home elated and one team home sad, only time will tell.

Overall Thoughts

The Valiant’s ceiling to close the season is 4-1, with a loss to the Philadelphia Fusion. That was the obvious part. The floor is trickier though. At worst they likely go 2-3, but it is more likely they go 3-2 with one more loss thrown in there. Will that be good enough to stay top five? Who knows.

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