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ELO Hell Esports Welcomes new Director of Business Development, Jayne Retains Role as Founder and Creative Director

Elo Hell Esports

Today, August 6, 2019, Elo Hell Esports officially announced the addition of Brian “Kray” Goodrow as the Director of Business Development. This announcement came through a Twitter post on the ELO Hell Esports profile.

In the move, Justin “Jayne” Conroy will be staying with the company, but will focus more on the creative direction of ELO Hell in the role of Creative Director and Founder. This will also allow Jayne to spend more time in his coaching role with the Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel.

Not much is formerly known about the new Director, Kray. However, the press release lays out a good bit of where he has come from and his passion for Overwatch and gaming:

“Brian comes to EHE with years of experience working in big business – leading
technology and market development in medical technology for Stryker Corp – as well
as full stack experience in events and live productions under PSAV. No stranger to
gaming or Overwatch, he’s been an avid fan of the pro scene since beta. To get a
running start, Brian has spent the past two weeks in close discussion with
management and staff, and is thrilled to take a more active role in giving back to the
Overwatch community.”

ELO Hell Esports, for those who may be unaware, is a company centered around providing Overwatch content, primarily focusing on Overwatch’s semi-pro scene, Contenders. They have several Discord servers and an active YouTube channel that each frequently provides lots of great content.


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